Layering It Up

Feature Image: Singhal’s Nest Home, Mumbai by RN Deesign; Photography Credits: Studio. Rohan Patel

There are very few times when we look deeply into the artistry of interior design. Each room is like a canvas to a designer; everything begins with imagination. But design is more selfless – created for someone with a personality that should find its way into the foundation of the design concept. 

Some of the best designers experiment endlessly with colours, patterns, textures, forms, scale or anything they can think of. Each element evokes a reaction and sets the room’s tone, perfecting its ambience. That’s when fabrics become an expression, forms become a language, and every design element becomes a symphony of sorts. Love That Design has curated this list of products to help you create that poem.

Achieve mastery in upholstery.

Much like its name, Diamante is the diamond of textiles that can take your interiors up a notch. This geometric two-toned coated fabric has versatile and wowsome applications. It also comes with PERMABLOK3® coating that offers antimicrobial protection, mildew resistance, and an anti-stain and anti-static finish. Let its 22 vibrant colourways cast a spell in a space of your choice! It’s a stunning choice.

Where classic and contemporary meet.

Mitered exudes an old-world charm with new-age zest. Inspired by the colours of the salt flats of San Francisco and the linear shapes of agrarian lands, Mitered is a handcrafted symphony. Made from two unique yarns, one of North American wool and the other of upcycled cotton combined with polyester, it is perfect for use in spaces like breakout rooms. Add a pop with its large-scale, multi-colour patterns in bright colours anywhere you want.

Feel the otherworldliness of Japanese forests.

Mirari is more than just a fabric; it’s a feeling. It offers an escape into the dreamy Japanese forests with its rich Kimono-inspired colours. A rich jacquard weave with a satin one in its base, Mirari has a textured outline that adds depth to its subtle luxury. If you want art for a drape, there are six exotic designs to choose from. It can easily become the focal point of your design theme and can be used in all kinds of spaces. Be prepared to answer, “Where did you get that from?”

For endless possibilities.

Not enough can be said about the need for privacy and a distraction-free environment in our homes and offices. se: lab fabric wall creates stunning zones for agile workspaces, multi-function rooms, or simply to carve out a working nook inside your home with fabric screens. These fabric walls are highly portable and flexible, with the option of getting castors attached to the bottom. You’re spoilt for choice with over 30 different colours for its pinnable fabric (pin a note, poster or your next idea). The best part? They can be stacked to optimise space utilisation.

Simplicity is back, and how!

One, two, three – or as many as you’d like! The Formula Seat can be used in various combinations and patterns to create energetic and colourful seating. Play with different colours, or pick what blends with your design theme. Keep re-designing your room easily whenever you want; the possibilities with modular furniture are infinite. It has a wooden internal structure and is available in various upholstery finishes.

Like a splash page from a comic book.

“Wow,” is the first reaction you’d get as soon as someone sees this chair. The designer found his muse in comic books and tried to metamorphose their visual heritage into the chair. A playful design with its own rules, the Alessandra Armchair is an on-the-face experience. Made with polyurethane foam and a steel frame, this is a one-of-a-kind piece you shouldn’t miss.  If you were to time travel to 2100, this chair would still be in vogue!

As creative and fun as playing with pebbles.

A reminder of fun times one has skipping pebbles at a lake, Pebble is a seating option that can be combined with different pieces to create your own composition. You can also use it as an individual statement piece that does fantastically well to build a relaxed atmosphere. Its moulded foam construction with webbed seat support and tubular steel legs offer the ultimate comfort. Ideal for use in breakout rooms or informal spaces, Pebble comes in a myriad of colours.

Oof! What a poof!

The Italian brand Milani, known for its solutions focused towards well-being, has done a great job with Terre. While it may seem like the same-old pouf, it isn’t. It’s lightweight, versatile, cosy and compact. And it can be all yours in multiple stunning colours (piping and upholstery) and two sizes. Indulge in pattern play or mix and match the pouf with other design pieces to create an unforgettable composition. Move it around the room with ease.

A built-to-chill chair.

An uber-comfortable and modern armchair that is perfect for lounge zones or anywhere you need to relax. What grabs eyeballs is its out-of-the-box, curvilinear shape and minimalistic design. Its high-density foam helps you unwind in an instant. It also offers unlimited customizability in the outer fabric, and you can buy it with or without the backrest.  Foster originality and craft something distinct with Hill right away!


Exceptionally inventive, Freehand is a fluid, portable, versatile and magic table! Like the free-flowing pencil of an artist, the asymmetrical, extruding aluminium table impresses with every look. With top options in leather, felt, linoleum and glass, Studio TK offers five water-based lacquer and 16 paint options for the exterior! Choose what suits you from its two shapes and three sizes and create a flow.

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