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Collection 2022: Evoke

Attuned to the senses and emotions, Evoke sets the stage for the home as a fusion of beauty and personality. Atmospheric and individual, suggestive and reflective, dynamic and playful. Cohesive and eclectic, the Evoke collection has a creative tension derived from perceived imper...

Collection 2021: Beau

An evocation of inherent beauty and character, Beau reflects the desire to imbue our homes with meaning and personality. It is luxury at its essence, life affirming and emotionally engaging. Textiles to feel and to see. Intuitive and expressive with dissolved forms and soft tacti...

Collection 2020: Echoes

The world in which we live is not just made of the here and now. As we see, feel and listen to our environment we are also strongly affected by memories – feelings that add many rich layers of experience and emotion and allow us to build up our own particular view of the world. T...

Sahco 2024 Collection: Wild Bouquet

Wild yet calm, emotional yet composed, grounded yet revolutionary, the Sahco 2024 collection builds on its rich heritage, reviving and rethinking classic motifs with a 21st century mindset. Like a bouquet of exotic flowers, precious buds and native grasses, the collection binds t...

SAHCO: A New Era for the Storied Maison

Sahco’s Creative Director Bengt Thornefors is ushering in a new era for the heritage textile company, honoring the legacy of its rich archive but filtering the classical references through a modern risqué perspective

Sahco Launches its 2022 Collection - EVOKE

Sahco Launches its 2022 Collection – EVOKE Inspired by organic forms in nature, shadows and spectral visions, murals by Jean Cocteau, the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi and abstract art, the collection of upholstery and draperies is layered and artisanal,...

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About the Company – Sahco

Exquisite taste, elevated quality and a refined sense of luxury – these are the principals on which Sahco was founded. Using classical references as a starting point but always infusing them with an elegant, contemporary touch, Sahco has nearly two hundred years of experience in the world of textiles and interior textiles. Throughout that time period, they have carved a name for themselves as a premium fabric decor company: one that has found its place in the hearts and homes of discerning customers across the world.

Sahco’s story starts in 1831 when the company’s founder decided to build on generations of his family’s knowledge of the textile trade and set up his own business in Southern Germany. Together with his son, he specialized in importing fine carpets, silks and upholstery fabrics from both France and the Far East, slowly building up a business that survived the economic and social turmoils of Europe to become truly international. By the end of the Twentieth Century, the company had worldwide distribution emanating from its new headquarters in Nuremberg and its showrooms in Paris, London, Milan and Munich.

Serving the needs of a cosmopolitan audience who demand elegant, contemporary design in the best possible quality. Rich textures, sophisticated colours and classic design characterise textiles that speak of timeless appeal and refined taste. Soft neutral colours are used as a base for many designs, with bolder graphic details adding the interest but always staying within the realms of simple and harmonious design. Regularly used by leading interior designers, architects and furniture manufacturers, Sahco fabrics have found themselves in the most beautiful homes, hotels and even yachts with the world, safe in the knowledge that their luxurious appeal adds the perfect touch.

In May 2018, Sahco was acquired by Kvadrat, one of the world’s leading design textile companies based in Denmark. With a new creative team in place and the shared knowledge of two rich design heritages, Sahco enters an exciting new phase in its long history.

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Kvadrat Middle East DMCC
JBC 3, Office 2401, cluster Y
Jumeirah Lake Towers
P.O. Box 450252, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Email: [email protected]

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