Sound, Lights, Drama

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow, is the one to aim for.” And it’s the details are what can lift a design from ordinary to show stopping. This week, we bring you lights and acoustic fabrics that can help raise the oomph factor and sprinkle decadence….

In the limelight.

The Zyke series of spotlights by Fagerhult makes a splash, not only for itself but for the design elements that it highlights. Created by one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, Zyke G2 has a railed suspension design that makes it easily adjustable even after installation. It is available in black and white as pendants or wall-mounted versions as well – so you can pick whatever you please. The best part? It is completely glare-free with soft light making it ideal to blend into your design theme.

Your very own winter wonderland.

A marvellous piece by Sans Souci, this awe-inspiring pendant lamp is straight out of a fairy tale. And no, we’re not kidding. Made from hand-blown glass amalgamated with sparkling crystal colours, it reminds you of snow-covered conical trees and peaks, offering a memorable escape. Delicate and intricate with mica and stainless-steel finishes, it reflects an extraordinary craftsmanship that is hard to find. It’s yours to pick in three colours, crystal argent, crystal aurum and crystal.

A bloom that glistens. 

A chandelier that makes for a beautiful centrepiece that you can build around is rare to come across! Inspired by the white magnolia tree, this black lacquered aluminium and translucent porcelain piece looks so real that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. With handmade flowers that symbolise eternal bonds, this poetic piece is a collaboration between Lladró and Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. It illuminates a space with a warm light that can be regulated effortlessly. It’s the perfect blend of impeccable craftsmanship and surreal design.

Soft Cells Broadline from Kvadrat Acoustics by Kvadrat

For silence that nurtures.

Kvadrat’s esthetically-sound, high-performing and timeless acoustic panels will help you get away from the noise and create a sanctum anywhere you want. Versatile and fully-customisable, these panels can be integrated easily with personalised support to cater to your needs efficiently. Built with Conscious Design Principles, they also come with an impressive 10-year warranty that reflect the product’s durability. It’s your way to order from chaos.

Not leather, but better.

What if we told you that you could have the elegance of leather without it biting your conscience or pinching your pockets? The Tannery Collection by Spradling is as good as leather – completely indistinguishable. It comes in stunning 24 colours that can add a stroke of a buttery-soft texture to any space, whether it is residential, commercial or even industrial. It’s Permablok Plus topcoat makes cleaning stains a breeze and it is also resistant to wear and tear as it is engineered for the toughest environments.

A fascinating, fun and fantastic fabric.

Think about a use for a fabric that can withstand anything – Particulate – 4109 can do all of that and more. Whether it is for upholstery, draping, outdoor areas, wall panels, etc., this high-performance, bleach-cleanable and linen-like fabric is the easiest thing to work with when you want to add texture and a bit of oomph. Made from 65% recycled UV polyester fiber, the brand allows you to choose from 15 rich, bright and light colours to add a dash of poise to your spaces.

Where tradition meets modernity.

Imagine Japanese miniature paintings, created on a fabric much like it was done for kimonos back in the day! The unparalleled exquisiteness of Otori comes from the gorgeous little herons, lotuses and leaves painted on the satin-soft, water-like fabric that give it a dreamlike flow. Its 10 off-kilter colours only bring out its exoticness that can be used to make drapes that you’d want to keep drawn all the time. This timeless drape can exalt any room, quite simply.

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