Trends in Materials

The materials that make up our furniture and other components of our spaces are the basic building blocks of its design. The appearance, patterns, and texture of the materials we see and interact with contribute a great deal to our experience of the space. As the world of design evolves, so do the materials used. Depending on what you need – style, durability, or sustainability – there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the market for new materials or simply want to refresh your designs, here are 6 interesting new products you should consider.

Ethereal by Cosentino

Ethereal Collection

Marble takes a huge leap forward with Ethereal. Developed with HybriQ+ technology, this marble presents the best of Cosentino’s design, sustainability, and innovation. Ethereal, an evolution of our acclaimed Eternal Collection, interprets the dreamlike beauty of the sky by drawing fine veins of deep hues on white canvases. The result: Silestone’s most advanced and cutting-edge series, a redefinition of veining that creates a new category in performance and design.

Polyrey Touch by Polyrey


This Anti-fingerprint surface with a velvety feel and super matt finish to absorb light, brings harmony into interior spaces. It’s available in three deep matt finishes with a smooth feel and anti-fingerprint technology. 

Classstone by Neolith

Classtone Collection

Classtone offers a contemporary, yet faithful, collection of natural stone patterns. With unparalleled attention to detail, richness in colour and advanced performance characteristics, this collection has a timeless appeal. Available in both matte and polished finishes, the Classtone collection mimics the real material but delivers enhanced resistance qualities, which guarantee a greater degree of performance and longevity.

Evoke by SAHCO

This beautifully eclectic collection of printed fabrics sets the stage for the home as a fusion of beauty and personality. Atmospheric and individual, suggestive and reflective, dynamic and playful. The Evoke collection has a creative tension derived from perceived imperfections and seemingly incongruous yet harmonious combinations of colour and texture.

Table Top Burned Wood by VD Werkstätten

As far as raw materials go, wood is always a great choice. Whether it’s a classy look or for a biophilic design, wood always adds a touch of class that few other materials can. This special burned wood look is a combination of two textured panels. 2588 Burned Wood is used for the top and 2584 Smooth Bark is used as an embossed live-edge. The entire panel is available as a finished piece. 

Fiber by Caimi

The patented Snowsound Fiber technology is based on soft interwoven polyester acoustic fibers that are inherently fire-resistant. The interaction between Snowsound Fiber and air allows controlling reverberation while adjusting the environment’s acoustics with precision taking advantage of installation modes, product’s surface and distance from the wall. This reduces the annoying acoustic reverberation improving quality both of life and of work.

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