The Craze of Colour: Fabrics to add vibrance to spaces

Even with styles such as minimalism and industrial aesthetic making rounds, there exists a group of folk who can’t do without that bit of colour. Colour in interiors doesn’t always mean crazy, but colour always means vibrance and an extra layer of exuberance, especially if they are introduced via soft finishings. Here are four fabric picks from Love That Design that are as vivid as they are rich…

Evident from its name, Tannery from Spradling is leather-mimicking fabric for those who want the texture without the guilt. Difficult to differentiate from genuine leather, this high-end artificial leather option offers 24 natural hues and incorporates Spradling’s  Permablok Plus surface coating, making it effortless to remove denim dye stains. Infuse elegance into various environments, such as marine, hospitality, office, or healthcare spaces without worry, since Tannery is specifically designed to endure harsh indoor and outdoor conditions, making it ideal for public seating areas with high traffic.

Giving impressions humans leave on earth an all-new, poetic meaning, Suzanne Tick’s Earthly Artifacts boasts ‘impressive’ four textiles. Patterns from fields such as art, anthropology, and geology are visible up close and on a larger scale. The collection is made for multi-purpose and indoor/outdoor use with high-UV polyester, high-UV polypropylene, and 100% recycled polyester. Shades and textures make for the most swanky indulgences, don’t they?

From a brand that’s just a decade short of two centuries, Past Present Future is a dive into Sahco’s archival, iconic offerings, but with a very slight (read: almost unnoticeable) contemporary twist. Call it vintage or brand it classical, there’s something about adding a touch of history in interiors. For a dramatic look in living rooms or hotel receptions, or sensual sophistication in banquets and bedrooms, Sahco’s Past Present Future has got your back if all you need is that extra oomph!

Sometimes, all you need is colour – plain, powerful, simple and high-performing. Haku by Teruhiro Yanagihara is coated textile that is a dependable choice for high-traffic spaces, such as hospitality or healthcare environments. From neutral to stronger, bolder hues, the fabric has a richer texture than expected from coated textiles. Moreover, Haku has an environmentally friendly profile. It is REACH and Cal prop 65 compliant, and it is made without harmful DMF’s or Siloxanes. Additionally, it is PFC- and PVC-free.

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