Modular Furniture is in ‘Season’, but can it be termed ‘customisation’?

Viccarbe’s Season Collection has made strides in over 100 countries. Contemporary, clear and defined, it is a trailblazer that transcends the boundaries of what modular furniture can do and be. While it breaks free from the stereotype of rigid geometries, can its name be taken in the same breath as customisation?

Viccarbe is known for its precise craftsmanship and a laser focus on creating furniture that’s easy on the eyes. Think the Burin Table by Patricia Urquiola or the Levitt Lounge by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Over time, designs from the brand have come to be known as playful, stylish and supremely luxe. 

And the Season Collection from Piero Lissoni is no exception. Whether it’s a pouffe, a chair, a sofa or any other piece from Season, there’s a grander scheme of plans. You’ll begin to trace the grand history of modular furniture in its silhouette and visualise the promise it holds for a bespoke future. 

But why do we say that? 

From top, clocksiwse: The Levitt sofa in The Cube House, Greece; The Season sofa in Coliseo Student Housing – Madrid; The Burin Table in La Casa-Verde, Valencia; The Season sofa in Clínica Alejandría – Valencia

The Beginning of the Beginning

Modular furniture first struck markets in the 1950s during the mid-century modern era. However, it began catching eyes only about three decades later, following renditions by various Italian designers. Modularity was quintessentially a Modern design. It was pragmatic and precise in troubleshooting, and its genius lay in fusing mass production with customisation. Yet, its heyday was nowhere in sight. 

The past decade has seen modularity escaping its confines, especially in offices. Dynamic lifestyles demand multifaceted products. Even Viccarbe’s impressive (and long!) list of clientele faced difficulties due to a gap in the market. Conglomerates like The Walt Disney Company, Google, Coca-Cola, Accenture, and Harvard University needed flexible furniture to imbibe brand values and foster collaboration in their workspaces.

The Season Collection at Evolum Containers – Lyon

Conceived in 2015, the Season collection harnesses the untapped potential of modular pieces. But, in the past eight years, what has been a happy surprise is how even mainstream corporate and hospitality designs have taken to Piero Lissoni’s Season Collection.

Interlocking Versatility and Aestheticism

Modular furniture is not bespoke; we have no qualms or delusions. But, it certainly can transform spaces to meet tailored needs. There might be limitations in customising mass-produced pieces, but these modules store flexibility and freedom that concoct endlessly customisable spaces. Take the Season Collection from Viccarbe as a shining example. 

The collection maximises modular furniture’s biggest advantage – the freedom to mix, match, and play around with the pieces as you please. You’ll find impressive chairs and pouffes with optional hidden casters, polyvalent benches, and singular sofas in three different modules (open, closed and straight) that effortlessly flow into each other, creating a canvas sans boundaries.

At Viccarbe, we are used to discovering new segments; we know the market will follow us. But only specifiers know how to differentiate the music from the lyrics in good songs. There are no coincidences in success stories, and Piero Lissoni is one of the most recognised top designers for this.

Victor Carrasco, the Founder of Viccarbe

Handing the baton in your hand, Viccarbe allows for endless compositions, perfect for this time and age when everything is flexible. Following the tradition of transformation in design through modularity, Season allows modular furniture to be oomph-worthy and asserts the statement – the world is your playground. You can customise each piece in the collection by choosing the fabric type and the colour of the fabric finish from myriad palettes. You have the option to add upholstery protection too. 

It empowers you to create relaxed, fun and dynamic environments that promote collaboration with a bit of surprise packed in the details. A spot to nap might become a spot to chat or brainstorm over an idea that could be the next best thing. Or it could be where you munch on a warm cookie, having a warmer conversation with a loved one. Season, an all-rounder, makes way for that unrestricted flexibility. This is what total freedom feels like. Nothing is impossible.

Championing ‘Silent Elegance’ Around the World

Season has stood at the centre of simplicity and thoughtful design since it was launched seven years ago. It neither becomes boring nor does it go overboard. The clear lines converge to form an ensemble with well-defined forms that can penetrate the mind and linger on for a long time. 

Designer Piero Lissoni put silent elegance at the core while creating a modular yet unique system of seats for different scenarios that were inclusive and differentiated Mediterranean collaborative at the same time. Just by being there with its sinuous silhouette, Season brought warmth and infused zeal.

What made the collection unique in 2015 will continue to make it unique, many years from now. Its silent elegance.

– Victor Carrasco, the Founder of Viccarbe

The elegance it embodies is why it has transformed multiple spaces around the globe. Whether it is at Spaces, a coworking environment in Shanghai, New York’s architecture studio Perkins & Will’s, or Aldar Properties’ headquarters in Abu Dhabi, its multifaceted magic has opened doors for any design possibility you can imagine. The educational centre at ICS International School in Milan and the Michelin-star restaurant La Salita in Spain are just a few of the other spaces that have tapped into the potential of Season.

Today’s Need, Tomorrow’s Epiphany

For Viccarbe, modular furniture is not another spectacular design offering; it has never been. The brand believes that the spotlight is constantly shifting with evolving perspectives in the VUCA world which we live in today. Season acknowledges that humans change, and so do our needs. When that happens, feeling anchored to a thing of the past only holds us back. But Season propels us forward.

It stands as a curvilinear epitome — like a lighthouse for a ship in a sea of possibilities and change – that is agile, collaborative, adaptable, timeless and spell-binding simultaneously to sync with the times. Ready to enthusiastically embrace new challenges, Viccarbe finds modular furniture a key to unlocking the usefulness of yesterday with the panache of tomorrow.

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