Trendspotting 2022: Kitchen and Sanitary

As technology drives changes in lifestyle and consumers are given greater control over the design of their homes, bathrooms and kitchens are seeing new trends shaping their designs. From new materials and minimal shapes to tech-driven designs and trending colours, here’s what you need to know…..

1. Being Grounded – Earthy Textures and Tints

We’re seeing some nice earthy colours in larger quantities in our cooking areas and bathrooms. This could be in line with the biophilic design, but also shows that manufacturers embrace non-traditional colors for their product lines. 

Think products with marble and natural textures in brown and green tints such as Bagnodesign’s Koy or Murano basins. While the former can be a stellar colour-blocking addition, the former can add a pretty prismatic edge to the spaces. More versatile options include Vitra Bathroom’s Plural Washbasin unit that comes with a simple and elegant wood tray at the bottom. They are a definite go-to, if you’re looking for that delicacy in bathrooms.

If you’re wondering whether or not this trend extends to bathtubs, take a peek at Meisterstück Oyo Duo by Kaldewei. It’s soothing form and tempting-to-touch finish give a grounded yet gracious look.

For kitchen spaces, Hacker Kitchen’s pleasing olive green and elegant oak finishes are worth considering. A little bit (or a lot) of green and woody textures can work to take the cooking area from basic to brilliant. An explosive union of quartz and feldspar, Pangea by Xtone from Porcelanosa, is also a good option that speaks of a cross between sophistication and whimsy.

2. Get Colourful – Add Some Pop And Funk Into Your Spaces

It’s 2022 and there’s no reason your bathroom and kitchen design needs to fall within grayscale colors. Add some character to your space with some vivid hues. If you’re wondering how simple and functionally-focused faucets can show character, think again. 

Axor’s One Colors collection is one of the lines that can change your mind. Remixing simplicity with a slew of colours, the faucets are epitome of out-of-the-box. There’s also Ideal Standard’s Tesi which offers a range of colours, that although dark and brooding, can really add that edginess to a bathroom. 

Or even, Porcelanosa’s Noken Finish Studio is pretty as it is poised, and would contribute greatly to a picturesque setting. If you are looking for a slightly more classic vibe, the Bristol Countertop Basin and Freestanding Bathtub from Bagnodesign would be a no-brainer with their eye-grabbing translucency. 

For kitchens, colours can be introduced in more ways than just through food, and Kaiser Kitchens Porto Doors does just that with its vivacious offerings like Azur and Blackberry.

3. Clean, Sleek and Linear – Straight lines and Sharp Planes

Trends might shift, but there will always be lovers of minimal design. This goes to show why brands are still big on minimal design, since consumer demand validates that drive. The Quooker Front is a great example of this – a product that is big on minimalism and full power on functionality. 

Next is Wilsonart’s beautiful Wet Floor Applications range that is bound to add a touch of cool to your bathroom space. The range combines sleek and stylish design with versatility in finishes and shades. Geberit’s iCon, a complete bathroom collection, makes use of straight lines and seamless planes ideal for those wanting to opt for an unembellished and clean aesthetic.  

Another offering from Keuco, Edition 90, is for those who are impressed by sharp geometries. The combination of rectangularity and circular shapes brings an intriguing juxtaposition to spaces. A revised edition of Ideal Standard’s iconic Linda collection by Achille Castiglioni, the Linda-X by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba hits the right balance between curves and planes, and is a suave piece for bathrooms. 

Kaiser Kitchens Perfect Soft Black is a direct result of the rage of black kitchens. The handleless cabinetry and modern design contribute to truly swanky interiors.

4. Metallic Tones and Matte Finishes – Using metal in new ways

Manufacturers and designers are getting creative with metals and metallic finishes. The sheen from metal and its cool texture can be combined well with other products to create incredible designs and character in your bathrooms and kitchen. 

Few other products combine technology and contemporary design like Kohler’s Purist. Effortlessly elegant, it’s offered in over 7 finishes in a variety of configurations. AXOR Citterio E by Antonio Citterio, on the other hand, has a design that highlights the metallic finish of products, imbuing a charming sheen.

Bagnodesign’s Orology and Bristol Mixers bring the right brass and gold finishes to make heads turn. If you want to go off the beaten tracks, Gravity Aluminum Sides Aquamarine by Antic Colonial from Porcelanosa can add chromatic allure to both kitchen and bathroom, and be an avant-garde twist.

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