Trendspotting 2022: Kitchens & Bathrooms

From smart assistant enabled bathrooms to extravagant kitchen backsplashes, it’s a great time to focus on your bathroom and kitchen remodelling project. If you’re wondering what’s new, here are some key trends that we are seeing popping about.

The pandemic saw an uptick in home improvement projects, and that trend seems to be continuing into the post-pandemic era too. Homeowners have a lot more ways to get creative with bathrooms and kitchens, mostly driven by new technology and material engineering.

If you’re wondering what’s new and trending, here are some key trends that we’ve noticed emerging within this industry.

Biophilia in the Bathroom

Why do we need a biophilic design in bathrooms?

Well… why not? Bathrooms are built to accomplish our natural daily habits easier and more pleasurable, so it makes sense to create a comfortable environment that isn’t monochrome and sterile. Biophilia in the bathroom doesn’t just involve the inclusion of natural elements, but also natural patterns and textures, all with a view of creating a greater sense of wellbeing. For example, adding water features does wonders for the bathroom experience. Brands like Grohe and Kohler go to great lengths toward designing shower products that elevate the entire shower experience. Escape from everyday life with GROHE Allure and GROHE Rainshower Aqua Body sprays. Another global brand Geberit makes it easy for us to add wood to bathrooms via products like the Smyle series, a task that has been traditionally hard to accomplish. It’s not the same as taking a bath in a hot spring surrounded by nature, but at least we can try.

Mixed Materials

Steel finishes and white interiors are a thing of the past. Everyone wants some character in their homes, and that includes bathrooms too. Ideal Standard is already a step ahead, making some of their faucets luxurious finishes including gold. Axor offers fixtures in a beautiful assortment of colours, including some matte finishes to spice things up. With its Distinctive project, AXOR explores the individualization megatrend, inspiring architects, interior designers and design-savvy public to realize their unique visions for personal luxury in the bathroom and kitchen. A trend we’re seeing more so now than ever is design that mixes warm and cool tones in a balanced and fused whole, creating a soothing vibe. VitrA Bathrooms have also introduced a new collection that includes products in beautiful colourways that offer inspiring and uplifting looks for the year ahead. This collection even includes a mix of natural textures and matte finishes, as well as striking tones.

Polyrey offers UNIQUE design led high performance wet room solution for all the bathrooms. Polyrey also launched a new dedicated kitchen collection with trend setting thin HPL compact work surfaces in multiple textures that in fact performance better than traditional granite, marble, solid surface etc.

This combination of multiple finishes and textures has spilled into kitchen design as well. A great example of this is VD Werkstatten’s interesting array of product finishes that range from wood patterns to geometric shapes, and can really turn a humdrum kitchen into a funky, interesting hangout space.

Bling up your Bathroom

For those of us bold enough to take our bathroom design to another level, there’s always the option of adding some bling. Geberit’s Sigma21 flush plate features precious metal accents that add a distinct sense of luxury. For something simpler, browse through Keuco’s Spa Collection which offers premium fittings that’ll make you feel like a million bucks. And while not exactly bling, you can still add that sense of luxury with a statement piece, such as a sleek bathtub from Kaldewei.

Minimalist Colours Are Here

For a lot of people, cooking is an inherently fun experience. Minimalist colours in kitchens are certainly trending now. Silestone® by Cosentino, the world’s leading hybrid mineral surface for architecture and design, presents the Ethereal Collection, developed with the cutting-edge HybriQ® technology, incorporating a production process that uses  99% recycled water, 100% renewable electric energy and at least 20% of recycled raw materials. This marble-inspired collection with deep, fine veining fits in with the classic white kitchen and bathroom trend and the growing consumer preference for sustainable materials. We also have Hacker’s Pocket doors, while traditionally popular in smaller kitchens, as they open without impeding walkways or limiting kitchen usability, pocket doors are becoming increasingly in demand in larger spaces as well as they serve as a stylish and functional front to hide storage or small appliances.

Also trending is the tinted dark glass, it has skyrocketed in popularity for modern kitchens. The addition of graphite or black glass evokes a sense of opulence while maintaining the sleek nature of the space. Dark glass is also perfect for adding depth to your kitchen without giving a clear view into your cabinets. Solid wood doors have always been sought after in kitchen design, but the mix of grey or black fronts with solid wood is a combination that is currently on trend. The natural material offsets the dark look to result in a warmer overall feeling while preserving modernity.

Giorgetti’s range of comprehensive kitchen setups are worthy of a Michelin star chef! The brand continues to respond to the transformation of our homes into a more  flexible, multitasking place and the setting for changing lifestyles. This evolution expresses a more  fluid and broad vision of living patterns that go beyond domestic walls and increasingly permeate  hospitality venues.

Sleek Induction Ranges

With designs becoming even more modern and contemporary, kitchens are also seeing a change in their accessories and appliances. One visible trend is the design of induction and regular cooking ranges. We’re seeing a lot of sleek, touchpad control based cooking ranges with flushed minimal designs that take less space and create minimal visual clutter in the kitchen. These types of designs allow integration with a variety of surfaces as well, making it much more convenient for designers to work them into their kitchen designs.

Embracing Technology

When we mention technology, we don’t just mean Alexa powered devices or smart fridges. Simpler is better too. A great example is Quooker ’s Fusion – a tap that dispenses cold, hot and boiling water all from one outlet. Sustainable, Convenient, Desirable – Quooker is a company from the Netherlands that manufactures an integrated water system that offers filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water – all from one tap. Not only does this save space, it uses much less energy. Bonus – the product is super sleek and available in a variety of finishes! Another fantastic product is Bagnodesign’s Kitchen Filter Mixer, which also offers a hassle-free solution to water bottles, reducing single-use plastic waste and exposure to harmful plastic chemicals, while saving on both space and cost.

Last and by no means the least, KOHLER’s Global Anthem is a product that is not only stunning, it also allows you to control up to six outlets with one single touchpoint, besides offering the ability to independently access every spray. It also has two temperature zones and pairs with the KOHLER Konnect app and products, enhancing your overall smart home experience.

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29 July, 2022

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