Holiday Mood: Bath And Outdoor Products

HoliYAY! It’s time to unwind, relax and reflect as the holidays in the UAE are just around the corner. These are also the times that give us the opportunity to think about our lives and do the things we always wanted to do. Many of us can act on our need to upgrade our lifestyles over the holidays! For some, it’s learning a new skill; for others, it’s taking their homes and workspaces to the next level with smart, visually appealing solutions. 

If you are reading this, you belong to the latter group of people, and we are glad! This list of incredible bath and outdoor solutions by global brands is thoughtfully created by the design experts at Love That Design. It is just what you need this holiday season!

Create a cosy nook.

NeoCon 2023

Build a striking corner within a space with Feel Free, an innovative self-supporting system that can be used to install the fully-customisable Kriskadecor chains in straight or curved lines. Whether indoors or outdoors, Feel Free can transform your spaces and make them look chic in no time. It is an extendable vertical axis with low visual impact that blends well with any composition or style, making your space look like it is straight from the movies. Sustainable, versatile and easy to install, it comes in four beautiful shades.

Bed. Sofa. Both.

A daybed that looks like poetry written by a designer, Emma Cross is a comfortable escape on-demand. You can use it on your porch or inside your living room, it is an all-rounder. Woven and handcrafted with an acrylic fabric band on a powder-coated aluminium frame, its seat cushions are made from Dryfeel® foam padding – that feel like a cuddle. It comes with seven back cushions and is much like a handshake between top-notch aesthetics and extreme comfort. It is also suitable for use in marine areas.

A Mediterranean breeze.

Inspired by the textures and traditions of the Mediterranean, the TEJA collection transports you to the old-world charm of stone walls, overlapping roofs and terraces overlooking mesmerising landscapes. It is crafted using the best quality wood, rope and metal. Exuding a rustic feel, you can choose between a painted aluminium or Iruka wood finish, sourced responsibly. Weave a relaxed vibe in your spaces by choosing between one, two or three-seater sofa options and watch your outdoors turn into a design melody that never ceases to impress.

Faucets of tomorrow. 

The underdog of bathroom design languages, a faucet like this one by KWC Ora can be more than just functional. With a horizontal, long and tall spout, a soft cubic base and a cylindrical knob lever, it can turn your washbasins into pieces of art. The faucet is angle-adjustable, which means no more accidental water sprays on your clothes and it is designed for sustainable water use. With a glacier finish that lasts for decades, it is also robust with flawless craftsmanship and is easy to install.

Ona by Roca

In sync with the flow of nature. 

The Ona collection by Roca is created for appreciation; appreciation for its minimalist design and eye-catching, organic aesthetics. With a wide range of bathroom ceramics that are a nod to the Meditteranean waves and the summer breeze, Ona is muted, powerful, sustainable, functional and warm. Crafted by a brand that has been a pioneer in the design space for over a century, you can traverse through its varied collection of baths, faucets, basins, bidets etc. and know that anything you pick is going to be a marvel.

The showstopper for your bathrooms.

High-quality shower channels that elevate your bathroom’s design theme – Kaldewei Flow is a collection that you should not miss while thinking of bathroom upgrades. With three sub-collections called Flowline Zero, Flowline Crystal and Flowline Heat Recovery, you can introduce design and function together in your bathrooms. Its’ Click’n Clean® mechanism is revolutionary, lightning-fast and user-friendly. Whether it is the Crystal collection made with diamond-cut glass that adds elegance or the smart HeatRecovery collection that uses the outflow of heated water to preheat the inflow of cold water, each piece is a boost to your bathroom’s appeal.

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