Curated Collections – Part 05 (May 20th, 2022)

This week’s product pics continue the minimalist theme we’ve got going on, but with a hint of hygge in them. The collections include soft but strong designs that work well for both the office and workspace. 


Curated Collections

Developed through a collaboration with Archirivolto, this collection represents a truly transversal collection capable of providing original and creative solutions across all levels – be it executive, operational, or even lounge areas. The collection is characterized by soft lines and colors that pop, suited for nearly all types of commercial or resimercial designs.

Camaro Loc PUR

Curated Collections

Replicating the beauty and feel of nature is all the rage now. That’s why the Camaro Loc PUR is so great – it’s a collection of luxury interlocking vinyl flooring tiles that offer the aesthetic and warmth of the natural beauty of wood and stone, designed for use in residential interiors.


Curated Collections

This spotlight is an ideal solution when you need to create amazing light patterns. It’s designed to enhance building architecture and green areas and can be directed by means of a graduated bracket that’s extremely resistant to weathering.

Geberit Icon

Curated Collections

The Geberit iCon complete bathroom series features a sharp design and clean lines while still being flexible enough for use in a wide range of applications. It’s ideal if you want to step up your bathroom’s luxury quotient while keeping it simple and humble. An extensive range of ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture units in a modern design language offers maximum design flexibility and is extremely adaptable.


Curated Collections

Boss Design’s seating collections have always been impressive and continue to delight. Amelia is a light and modern take on the classic wingback lounge chair, with a form that softens the lines between office, hospitality and home settings, allowing one to elegantly slide into whatever setting or mood you choose.

Baswa DTG

Curated Collections

This two system acoustic tile has been specially designed to be installed directly into a metal-framed, or MF ceiling system. This means we can avoid plasterboard or other additional structures needed to install the panels, resulting in huge cost and time savings. 

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