Design Collective 2020 – Our First Online Extravaganza!

At LTD, we strive to inform, educate and present key findings from the A+D industry. Within the current climate, where design fairs and exhibitions the world over have had to reschedule, remodel and repackage themselves, LTD stepped up to create an online, all inclusive online extravaganza to further build a sense of community. And so was born Design Collective 2020.

We are constantly looking to ways in which we can present and further innovation in the A+D industry. In these challenging times, we look for ways to stay abreast with the latest happenings and potentially ascertain what the future looks like for the industry. A collaborative effort to inform and educate – that’s what Design Collective is all about.

Design Collective is a collaboration of industry partners, associations and global manufacturers who will be showcasing new products, online tools and insights. Three days of programming will also feature many informative, boundary pushing talks, keynote speeches, with interactive Q&As to keep the audience forever engaged. The event will run from June 29th – July 1st.

What does Design Collective Feature?

Besides featuring numerous informative talks with industry giants, the event will also include:

● Product Launches
● Keynote Speeches
● Workspace, Materials, Sustainability & Wellness Focus
● The Region’s First Online Product Awards

Our comprehensive talks program covers a range of topics, from sustainability and wellness to tomorrow’s workspace, the future of dining, building in the time of Covid, and more. And our diverse panelists hail from all corners of the globe, each an expert in their own right. Check out the full guest list and the complete program.

Excited? Don’t forget to book your spot!

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