Floors to Ceilings: Acoustic + Attractive

Spaces are more than physical structures; they are canvases for curated experiences, where every detail contributes to what we feel and perceive while inhabiting them. Our senses, particularly sight and sound, play pivotal roles in shaping these experiences. In this product spotlight on floor-to-ceiling acoustic solutions, our goal is to showcase products that enhance well-being and empower designers to craft dynamic, immersive narratives. And have the creative freedom to shape environments that are not just static spaces but living, breathing stories waiting to unfold.

Sound, sight and touch.

BASWA Cool reimagines flooring, ceiling and wall design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality with carefully selected raw materials. Crafted to captivate the senses, its water-bearing capillary mats deliver noise absorption and draught-free temperature control, setting new standards in innovative solutions for designers. Combining traditional craftsmanship with sustainability, BASWA Cool offers limitless versatility and creative freedom.

Just like its name.

Elevate spaces with unrivalled durability and sustainability. Premium’s pure vinyl wear layer and matte finish marry style with resilience and stay true to its name. With 8db sound absorption, it comes in various shades and designs to cater to different design styles. Backed by Evercare™ treatment, it defies stains and chemicals, perfect for healthcare spaces. REACH compliant, eco-friendly, and free from harmful chemicals, it’s ‘the’ ethical flooring and ceiling choice for designers who demand excellence.

Aesthetically and acoustically sound.

Meet Skye – a sustainable ceiling raft that elevates aesthetics and acoustics, transforming any space with unique shapes, sizes, and colour options. Skye offers an array of floating ceiling islands for designers seeking versatility and ambience, evoking a sense of natural balance and harmony. With its acoustic benefits, it not only enhances creativity but also promotes well-being, making it the perfect choice for designers looking to craft inspiring environments.

Silence amidst noise.

Redefine spatial design with its state-of-the-art double-glazed partition system. Available in both mullion and mullion-free versions, AKUSTIK56 seamlessly creates zones while maintaining visual transparency with ample natural light. It is perfect for compact spaces and instils privacy without compromising openness. Complete the look with Kaprel door options for a cohesive and sophisticated finish. Delineate zones without disturbing the design language, maximising the fluidity of the solution.

Perfecting patterns.

Drawn Lines luxury vinyl flooring offers a visually captivating foundation for design narratives, drawing inspiration from nature’s intricate patterns. With prismatic geometry and a dynamic interplay of light and dark, it adds depth and allure to any space. Versatile enough for contemporary, minimalist, or even organic design styles, Drawn Lines elevates interiors into stunning wonders, providing endless possibilities for creative expression. Choose from 10 extraordinary colours.

Form, function, fun!

This acoustic ceiling and wall solution’s smooth, matte fleece surface enhances interior design schemes and ensures Class A sound absorption performance. With high fire safety ratings and flexible edge options, including exposed, semi-concealed, and concealed, it offers infinite possibilities. From modern and minimalist to eclectic and bold styles, this stone wool tile solution transforms spaces into vibrant expressions, granting unparalleled aesthetic and acoustic performance.

They’ll keep looking up.

Create a clean and modern ceiling with a classic look with Skylite! Its composite fibre and mineral wool construction, produced under high-pressure steaming and cutting, ensures exceptional quality and performance. The R6 perforated design provides strong sound control and adds a contemporary aesthetic with a surface free of regular pores. Its NRC, CAC, light reflectance, and LEED® qualities make it perfect for diverse applications.

Keeps the noise out, making the space stand out.

ELEGANZA is a wish granted for every designer because of its finely textured, durable visual that stays whiter and brighter for longer. It complements the floor, furniture, walls and other design elements quite well, helping them pop. With Class A acoustical absorption and resistance to surface pollution, it’s ideal for spaces like restaurants, offices, and retail stores. ELEGANZA empowers designers to create stunning environments, enhancing longevity and aesthetics effortlessly.

Silent storytellers.

Modus Collection, crafted by a Belgian design-driven soft-flooring company, is a collection of carpet tiles unlike any other. This collection offers four bespoke carpet tile options that can be mixed and matched. ‘Fade’, inspired by natural ageing and timeless grace; ‘Ivy’, drawing inspiration from the plant of the same name; ‘Trace’, reflecting on journeys and the past; and ‘Rust’, exploring the relationship of water with elements. Modus challenges convention at literally every ‘step’ of the way. Use this to instantly enhance any design narrative for any kind of space, all while absorbing sound.

Making quiet flex spaces a reality.

Prisma is a sleek glass flexible space solution that redefines versatility in modern architecture, enhancing spatial liberty within minutes. With the telescopic, straight-down descent of its vertically retractable walls and its narrow path of travel, it effortlessly combines elegance with functionality. Enhancing natural light while maintaining privacy, Prisma is the perfect choice for creating dynamic, productive spaces with the touch of a button. It has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 52 to create focus spaces for multiple needs.

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