In Review: Viccarbe’s Zoco Lounge Chair

With short-term seating solutions on the rise, lounge furniture has become a covetable niche. Enter Viccarbe’s eye-grabbing take – the Zoco Lounge chair. This chair could easily fit right in a cafe or a reception lobby, but how does it fair beyond its good looks? Bluehaus’ Michelle Eid and Swiss Bureau Interior Design’s Noureen El Tayebi weigh in..
Location Courtesy: Interface Showroom, D3

The Zoco Lounge Chair by Viccarbe is a modern rendition of the vintage round chair that pays tribute to traditional Arabic themes while invoking the scent of collaboration, creativity and connectivity. They’re super comfortable with a rounded silhouette that’s full of movement. 

Designed by Viccarbe’s founder, Victor Carrasco, the piece is a snug lounge chair with a utilitarian innovation. These chairs are great at welcome areas and do garner attention in meeting rooms too.

Hakim Gadiwala, Viccarbe’s Brand Associate, explains the tale behind the name of this iconic brand. He shares, “Viccarbe, a brand that’s born in Valencia, a city that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year. This light is the starting point of its designs, inspired by Mediterranean culture and entitle the concept of collaboration as the only way forward.

Since its origin, Viccarbe has partnered up with renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola, John Pawson, Vincent Van Duysen, Jaime Hayon and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba among many other talented creators. Clearly, the level of aesthetics packs a punch throughout the brand’s panoply, but what about the rest?

The Review Crew

From left to right: Noureen El Tayebi, Senior Interior Designer, SBID; Michelle Eid, Senior Interior Designer, Bluehaus Group

Zoco is for moving A-Round

As soon as you sit, it gives an instant pleasant sensation of comfort. Its inviting and organic round shape helps in supporting your back and getting you ready for a discussion or to unwind and ease. The circular design also mimics the notion of ideas to revolve and take you directly to action. Hakim says “The design of the Zoco Lounge chair is inspired by the vibrant Arabic culture. ‘Zoco’ is a Spanish word which means ‘souk’, an Arab marketplace.” 

Michelle: “What’s nice about the chair is that when you sit, you feel like you’re inside of the chair. It’s hugging you. And that’s a cool impression.”

Noureen: “I was absolutely in love with the looks of the chair. Not so traditional and common, but when you put it anywhere it catches and grabs your eye.”

Designed for Connection & Collaboration

When you see the Zoco Lounge chair, you know that it’s ready to mingle and collaborate beyond boundaries. Gather two of them, maybe four or how about a crew of nine or more – be it for a tete-a-tete, a meeting or a training session, when the Zoco Lounge chairs assemble that means it’s time to get things grooving. These lounge chairs can get into any in-between spaces and still make an impression.

“Flexibility for modern workspace”, says Hakim. “I could lift and bring two Zoco Lounge chairs with my two hands. It’s so light and easy to move!”

Michelle: “The first thing I noticed is that especially the ones with casters are perfect for training rooms. In a high-end or a VIP area’s training room, the one with casters would be the best, because they’re comfortable and easy to carry and move around.”

Noureen: “It’s nice to have a versatile product. You can use it in offices, houses or even a reception lobby. It goes well with corporate, commercial or residential spaces. It’s a product which doesn’t have one specific use for it – which is amazing!”

Take a Seat, Spin and Now You’re Ready!

The Zoco Lounge chairs come in two versions. One is with four powder-coated fixed steel legs and another option is with casters for mobility. These lounge chairs are strapped with a tag at the back that can be used as a convenience handle to transport and move it around. They are designed to withstand long hours of seating, so no worries during extensive work sessions. Even in outdoor scenes, they’re ideal as they sync with the natural landscape, and evoke a feeling of well-being every time you sit on it. 

What’s noteworthy is that the Zoco Lounge chairs are sustainable as both parts – structure and upholstery – can be recycled individually after years of severe tear and wear. These lounge chairs also come in multiple upholstery, which gives every designer an option to choose the one that suits their space.

Michelle: “What attracted me the most was being able to personalize the lounge chair with any of the fabrics coveted by Viccarbe. Any company can change it or brand the Zoco chair accordingly. So being able to keep up while still achieving the comfort and design intent, showcases what Viccarbe stands for.”

Noureen: “Keeping the design intent and developing the product with since its beginning, while also keeping up with the product’s shape and using recyclable materials, showcases that they’re heading in the right direction. Consider the fact in a modern piece of furniture that’s versatile – where you can get so much done with one product and it’s also sustainable. Well, that’s great!

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