Infiniti Now On Love That Design

Infiniti is an Italian brand which offers practical and elegant furnishings created for the needs of contemporary life. We are proud to have them on board Love That Design!

Established in 2008, Infiniti is a young brand which offers versatile furniture designed for working, relaxing and socializing. Creativity, technological innovation, design-thinking are the key concepts to understand the philosophy of Infiniti, which proposes furnishing accessories – chairs, stools, tables, sofas – created for the needs of contemporary life.

A bit about the brand

Infiniti is headquartered in Italy along with the brand’s three factories that conduct its production of plastic, steel, and wood.

Despite being born with a soul aimed at the retail world, Infiniti expanded its reach to turn the brand’s core business around becoming increasingly focused on the HORECA world, furnishing bars, restaurants, cafeterias and hotels while maintaining relative growth in the corporate world. The brand exports 90% of their products to 85 countries outside Italy, most of which are in Europe. 

Since the company’s inception 12 years ago, Infiniti has managed to furnish several unique projects all over the world, thanks to the versatility of their products. These include luxury restaurants, university campuses, offices and waiting areas of multinational companies, company canteens, bars, cafés, libraries, museums. The wide range of colors, finishes and upholstery allows the brand to have the right solution for the most diverse project ideas, whatever the architectural style the clients wish to maintain.

About the brand’s secret sauce…

From the very beginning, Infiniti has believed that design should be a value to be shared and enjoyed in good company. A familiar concept that extends to the urban, public or professional community with a recognisable, practical and elegant touch: this has resulted in furniture that is made to be used, shared and recommended.

For Infiniti, design is a value to be shared, placing people first and uncovering its strength in expressivity and in the quality of workmanship, all without ever neglecting functionality, seamlessly intertwined with aesthetic research.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership with Love That Design, the right platform to introduce ourselves and grow in a market with great potential.

To present and promote our products that are ideal for various types of solutions, furniture for residential, work, hospitality and public spaces

We are committed to producing products that are increasingly sustainable projects. We do believe that Design is the web platform to share our products and projects, since the Middle East and Africa are two main markets we’d love to focus even more in the next future.”  

– Enrico Corocher, Marketing Supervisor of Infiniti

A sustainable ethos

Infiniti’s strength is integrated in its all-Italian production and wide range of products, finishes and colors. Starting with the new 2020 collections, the brand decided to produce the shells in recycled plastic from industrial post-consumer waste. This innovation represents a turning point in the path towards sustainability confirmed by the achievement of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications and the use of FSC ® wood from controlled origin forests. Aiming at the complete conversion of the product portfolio by 2023, Infiniti intends to make the words reuse, reduce and recycle the drivers of their modus operandi, which the brand assures to adhere to starting today, and in the future.

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11 February, 2022

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