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“Behind every Sedus purchase is a charitable act, and JT+Partners is proud to be a part of it”, expresses Joe Tabet, founder of JT+Partners. As Love That Design steps into the exciting space and enquires more about the collaboration, get a peek into their new office……

JT+Partners is an architecture and design consultancy that has managed to leave an international footprint in just eight years. For its Founder and Managing Director, Joe Tabet, there are a few things greater than the joy of giving back to society. That could be why choosing Sedus for the new office in Business Bay, Dubai didn’t require a lot of contemplation.

“Sedus ticked all the boxes. On top of that, it ticked a bigger box. So we said, voila, let’s do it”, Joe reveals. Sedus Office Furniture LLC is a non-profit organization owned by Stoll VITA Foundation and Karl Bröcker Foundation. While the former contributes to promoting scientific research, public health, education and conservation of the environment, the latter supports educational and medical projects for children in Germany. 

Apart from paying forward, there were similarities between Sedus and JT+Partners that made Sedus the undoubted choice for JT+ Partners’ latest office.

From a Design to a Story

“In the heart of what Sedus does is people. We are a company focused on people, and we believe that a company’s success is possible depending on its ability to understand the needs and expectations of its employees”, says Joelle Nader, Managing Director, Sedus Office Furniture LLC.

Joe himself believes in a similar approach as a designer and an employer. After seven and a half years of growing in the right direction, when it was time to relocate, Joe’s foremost priority was to create a space where his team would be at ease.

Sedus has always had a formula for office furniture: to find solutions for the four C areas – contemplation, concentration, communication and collaboration. While researching furniture, most designers, including Joe, often go through a wide range of options and look for something that will fuse with the intent of their design. When Joe came across Sedus’ vision, he knew he had found the perfect match. 

“What we do as entrepreneurs is that we become guardians and caretakers. At JT+Partners, we care for each other, which is important. When we saw such a value at Sedus, how they are passionate about caring for those in need, especially children, it ended our search. My vision moved from just the design to a story. The story was not one to tell, but one that is changing people’s lives”, Joe expresses.

The Joy of Giving Back

Sedus has been an office furniture designer and manufacturer for over 150 years. Since its formative years, the brand has focused on how people in an office can be seated most comfortably; hence ergonomics and movement dynamics have been top focuses for a long time at Sedus.

Carole Akoury, Operation and Business Development Director at JT+Partners, says, “Besides having versatile furniture, in terms of colours, style and comfort, choosing Sedus is our way to pay back to society. You should have been here to see the excitement here after we received the furniture. Even now, when I walk into the office, people are comfortable because of ergonomics; they feel relaxed and productive. At the same time, in the back of our mind, they know that by using this chair, they are giving back to society, ‘I’m helping somewhere’ – and this is a great cause by itself.”

To that, Joe adds, “You can’t move ahead in your life without looking back. We’ve made it in life; now it’s time to look back and lend a helping hand to those trying.”

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28 February, 2023

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