It’s Looking Up: Ceilings and Ceiling Lamps

In any interior design project, furniture and wall finishes typically become the focal point for every creative exploration. However, what most designers overlook is something that does not meet the eye, but is an impactful design element. Yes, we are talking about the ceiling! All things that lie above eye level play an equally important role in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. These specifically include false ceilings and ceiling lights that help in making a room more functional and comfortable. So, here’s a list of false ceiling and lighting solutions that are redefining contemporary interior design.

This is a classic range of recessed LED spotlights that will always stay in style. They are the ideal replacement for energy-intensive lighting solutions. Available in three different beam angles and color temperatures, this ceiling light is a good choice for residential and commercial spaces.

BASWA Phon Base is an excellent acoustic solution for ceilings and walls. It is an efficient single-layered acoustic system that is made from recycled materials. Made from a coarser grain, this panel is one of the most economical sound-resistant solutions.

This lighting product is inspired by the Flamenco dance style that represents passion. Made of hand-blown crystal pieces and decorated with an optical pattern, this hanging light imprints dramatic dance movements. This installation can add a sense of rhythm and dynamism to any residential or commercial space.

Integrated Service Modules are architectural metal casings housing active and passive chilled beams. They are useful for providing thermal comfort in interior spaces. They can make any room functionally optimal and visually intriguing.

This is an effective lighting solution that not only offers a smooth and durable surface but also provides high light reflectance. It is a Cradle Certified product that improves privacy between adjacent spaces by ensuring sound attenuation.

This pendant light is a modular and smart lighting system that provides visual comfort and functional efficiency. It contributes to a feeling of spaciousness thereby adding grandeur to a room. The product is available in three installation types namely; pendant, surface, and recessed. It is a good choice for retail, office, and hospitality spaces.

This slim-lined spotlight is available in various colors and installation types. Its luminaire head can be rotated and placed at random angles to create dynamic spaces. The product is tech-integrated and supported by a bluetooth remote control. Its lamp head has a slender horizontal bar that aids flexibility in its design.

Rockfon ColorAll is an acoustic product with a matt fleece surface and is available in a variety of colors. It has an excellent sound absorption ability and a high fire safety rating. The dynamic design of this product provides immense scope for creativity to the interior designer.

This hybrid product is a good solution for acoustic and lighting needs. It provides ambient lighting and effective sound absorption. The product helps in improving speech audibility and creating an appealing environment.

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