Launching the EXPO 2020 Hub powered by iGuzzini

iGuzzini, a thought leader in future forward lighting, partnered with Love That Design to create the EXPO 2020 Hub – a platform that showcases the most inspirational design and lighting witnessed at this world exhibition. The EXPO 2020 Hub will be a place for design aspiration and dialogue towards creating a better urban scape.

EXPO 2020 is not only one of the greatest examples of design, architecture and innovation, it is also, if not more so, a magnificent exhibition of lighting design. The EXPO 2020 site is replete with marvels of innovative, sustainable, beautiful and creative lighting, proving and showcasing the pivotal role of lighting in forming engaging and impactful experiences.

This Hub was created to celebrate and showcase this collection of superb design and its innovative lighting that has wowed visitors no end. EXPO 2020 is the perfect physical and conceptual space to initiate and foster a dialogue on good quality lighting, its effects, benefits and innovations, its role in creative and sustainable environments.

iGuzzini‘s aim is to grow this hub and create a museum of superb lighting for all to use as inspiration, as well as to initiate a dialogue on how we use these examples of innovation and sustainable design and implement them in our urban scape.

“We want EXPO 2020 to be the physical and conceptual space to create connections, share knowledge, to initiate and foster a dialogue on good quality lighting, its effects, benefits and innovations, and its fundamental role in creative, inspiring and sustainable environments.”

Richard Holmes, Regional Director, iGuzzini

Expo 2020 is a call for the regional as well as international lighting industry to reflect on its goals, tools, limits and prospects, and an invite to all lighting passionates to elevate their knowledge and perception of lighting. Expo 2020 is a great opportunity to elevate the education in lighting and its principles by sharing knowledge and experiences. This Hub is a collective and inclusive celebration of light, an homage to good quality lighting where all manufactures, designers, passionates

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10 February, 2022

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