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LED Luks is bringing technical ambient solutions and a customer-first approach to the lighting game. Their journey through the Middle East and Africa is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. We’re excited to share that LED Luks, a pioneer in innovative lighting, has now joined the Love That Design community..

LED Luks is lighting up the future of the Middle East and Africa’s most ambitious projects. From landmark collaborations to innovative product launches, this Slovenian company is redefining what’s possible in the world of lighting.

From inception to execution, LED Luks harnesses avant-garde technology and premium components to ensure its luminaires adhere to exacting standards of quality and reliability. Leveraging proprietary PCB board designs and forging strategic alliances with leading testing institutes, LED Luks ensures flawless functionality and consistent colour performance across its product portfolio. Notably, their luminaires conform to a stringent 3-step MacAdams ellipse, guaranteeing seamless colour uniformity across installations and over time.

About LED Luks

About the Brand’s Secret Sauce

What truly sets LED Luks apart is their unique approach to product development and client collaboration. By blending standard products with customised solutions for diverse environments—ranging from offices to educational institutions and public buildings—LED Luks delivers unparalleled quality. Their skilled development team harnesses the latest technologies and materials to produce luminaires that stand out for their functionality, aesthetics and reliability. .

Carefully selected components and close collaboration with many testing institutes ensure that the luminaires feature excellent functionality and a high standard of reliability when it comes to operation and colour consistency.

Matija Klinkon, CEO, LED Luks d.o.o.

Innovating Through Collaboration

Innovation at LED Luks goes beyond products to include people. The company prides itself on its dedicated, competent, and proactive team, which prioritises customer satisfaction and builds long-term relationships. By closely collaborating with clients and staying updated on industry advancements, LED Luks continually delivers cutting-edge solutions.

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

LED Luks’ entrance partnership with Love That Design marks a significant milestone in their expansion into the Middle East and Africa. These regions, known for their dynamic growth and innovation, are fertile ground for LED Luks’ cutting-edge lighting solutions. The company is establishing sales networks in key markets such as the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, and Oman. Through strategic partnerships with distributors and involvement in landmark projects like the Museum of the Future and Misk School, LED Luks is reaffirming its dedication to contributing to the region’s development.

Over the last decade, we’ve combined our entrepreneurial spirit with electrical engineering and lighting know-how to develop advanced solutions for both lighting fixtures and projects. Our goal is to offer advanced solutions that deliver quality and comfortable lighting customised to clients’ needs.

Matija Klinkon, CEO, LED Luks d.o.o.

Anticipating Exciting Developments

Building on a successful start at the light+building fair, LED Luks is preparing for upcoming events and product launches. This November, they will showcase their innovations at Light24 in London, an event eagerly anticipated by the design and lighting communities. In addition, LED Luks is expanding its product portfolio with new fixtures that not only enhance their current offerings but also introduce a variety of technical ambient lighting solutions.

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28 May, 2024

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