Leyform Now On Love That Design

Leyform have been designing and producing office and home seating solutions in Italy for over 50 years, perfectly combining aesthetics with functionality and superior quality. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


The company was founded in 1970, with the main objective of developing and producing task chairs and executive armchairs for the office, stackable chairs and benches for community areas, sofas for waiting areas, and even stackable tables. The brand initially started operating in the office world, and gradually focused its efforts to the community, home, waiting and contract world, creating furnishings that can meet every need of the public and private sectors. Their factory, located in Colle Umberto (Treviso), uses technology, research and Italian expertise, resulting in cutting-edge seating both in terms of design and functionality.

Plans for the Middle East and Africa region

Since the beginning, Leyform has been particularly active in the Middle-East area, furnishing chairs, armchairs or soft seating in many projects. The continuous collaboration with historical partners and distributors, and the contribution of new partnerships over the years, has led the sales of Leyform in the Middle East to become more than 30 percent of the overall export sales of the company. The brand plans to extend even more knowledge in the region through their collaboration with Love That Design.

“At Leyform, we have been always motivated from our passion for design and constant search for new solutions. We study our customers’ needs, we innovate, and we test our products, always with love for what we do. We believe that Love That Design truly reflects our vision and will enrich our background, both professionally and culturally”

–Simone Bolzan, Graphic Design Manager, Leyform

In the near future….

The brand believes that working with architects and interior designers has become more and more fundamental. This is why they are increasing their efforts, offering flexibility with top quality products in attractive designs. Their new 2021 catalogue perfectly represents this idea. And with Greta, Leyform has introduced a product that is made with 100 percent recycled materials, an important step in the eco-sustainability path they embarked on years ago with the ISO 140001 certificate. 

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