LTD Talks: Wellness, the New Gold Standard

Is luxury living being redefined with an entirely holistic and wellness-based approach? What encompasses this new lifestyle? And how do we go about deploying this in our spaces? Let’s find out…


Not so long ago, the concept of living in luxury translated as expensive and often ornate decor, highly decorative or precious furniture and furnishings, and homes that offered a plethora of activities, such as a pool, home theatre, game room, party and entertainment areas, etc. The rest and repose sections, too, would ooze plush bedding and soft carpeting, and bathrooms filled with grandeur.

We notice a pattern here though. These are mostly aesthetic and entertainment based activities, and ones that appeal to your sensory being. 

Luxury living today, particularly in the latter part of this century, has moved from feeding the physical being and its desires, to feeding the body and soul through wellness – a healthy lifestyle, materials that promote a safe environment that is good for the body, technology that aids and eases your daily existence, and habits that make you feel like a fantastic human being.

To dive deeper into this holistic and metaphysical shift in luxury interiors, we invited a panel of experts, each of whom brings in their unique thoughts based on their speciality.

The Panelists

Alexandra Cantacuzene is a Senior Interior Designer at LW Design. She started her career in the hospitality sector, moving on to managing a company specialising in luxury residential projects. Her years of experience in the region combined with a multi-cultural background enable her to create refined environments, and she comes with a passion for this topic.

Briar Jacques is a Psychologist and Founder of the Free Spirit Collective. She also focuses on how to implement behavioural therapy into the design process. So basically Briar takes design and psychology and goes ‘smoosh’, a field that is quite under developed.

Cristian Brugnoli, our expert from Technogym, which is a manufacturer or luxury wellness equipment, is in fact an architect himself. He hails from a family owning a luxury Italian furniture business, and has worked with some of the most renowned brands, including Capellini and Moroso. Cristian is always looking to develop and foster relationships with the A&D community.

The Talk

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