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Mara is reinventing workplace design with its innovative approach to functional systems and furniture. They offer ergonomically viable solutions that are comfortable and technologically advanced, fostering the creation of stimulating indoor environments. At Love That Design, we are glad to partner with a brand shaping the future of life and work.

“A story of continued evolution and growth”- that is what defines Mara. Founded in 1960, the brand finds its roots in Italy and is recognised internationally for its unique range of products. Keeping research and development at its core, Mara leverages new-edge technology in sync with high-quality materials to manufacture sustainable interior solutions. 

The entire production process is done in-house by Mara to ensure full autonomy of the timeline, budget, and finish of the final product. All the seating and table solutions offered are tested for their environmental impact to promote mindfulness in everyday choices. These products have found a place in some of the most distinguished projects in commercial and hospitality spaces across the globe.

About the brand’s secret sauce…

At the heart of Mara lies a meticulous fusion of design, functionality, and aesthetics, intertwining to birth innovative product collections. The brand’s commitment to crafting clean versatile forms ensures their adaptability to diverse spaces. Their systems like height-adjustable tables, folding tables, tilting top tables, and folding leg tables are one-of-its-kind solutions for modern offices. Mara has also achieved brilliance through its furniture solutions such as tables, seatings, and stools. 

The brand’s pursuit of excellence is reflected in its efforts to consistently experiment and iterate for achieving perfection. By prioritising not only the final product but also the process of design, Mara creates a distinctive mark for itself in the market. The Italian origination of the brand is a philosophy embedded in every detail, expressing Mara’s commitment to quality, innovation, and timeless elegance. The brand focuses on curating experiences that elevate the quality of life of people.

“We think Mara contributes to the improvement of comfort and well-being of people all over the world through flexible, multitasking and colourful furnishing solutions. These values perfectly accompany the evolution of workspaces and new habits in a perfect balance between home and office.”

– Laura Marchina, Managing Director, Mara

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

In a strategic nod to amplify regional resonance, Mara has joined forces with a regional brand ambassador in the UAE. This helps them orchestrate a symbiotic relationship with the locale’s aesthetic sensibilities, cultural inclination, and societal considerations. Such brand collaboration has helped Mara align its product marketing proposition with the discerning tastes prevalent in the Emirates.

To bolster awareness and understanding, the brand has organised a series of marketing and communication activities within the community. These initiatives are tailored to familiarise the audience with the brand’s identity and product range. The goal is not just to inform but to engage the community in a meaningful way, ensuring that the brand becomes a recognizable and appreciated presence in a market where sophisticated design preferences demand a thoughtful and accessible narrative.

New Innovations for the International Market– What the readers can look forward to

In the upcoming months, Mara has quite a few exciting developments on the horizon for design enthusiasts. The brand is set to launch a new set of products and will be making appearances at international events, including the renowned Salone del Mobile in Milan. These additions to the product lineup promise fresh and out-of-the-box designs, creating anticipation among those with an eye for aesthetic evolution. Networking and promotions through design events will provide a global stage for Mara to reach a newer and wider audience. By partnering with Love That Design, Mara seeks to expand its reach and brand visibility so as to become a significant player in the global workplace design domain.

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29 January, 2024

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