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With carpets tiles made of innovative materials like comfortBack, that evoke a sense of walking on clouds, it’s no wonder modulyss has an undeniable appeal in the regional market. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!

modulyss carpet tiles are a combination of design, functionality, performance  and sustainability. The result is a modular flooring solution that can create a distinctive character in of any commercial space.

“This means that we are capable of producing a lot of things in house – from the yarn to the finished carpet tile product”

– Hisham Khairalla, Export Sales Manager, South Europe and MEA

Part of the Balta Group since 2010, modulyss (yes, the lower case ‘m’ is deliberate) is a leading international carpet manufacturer based in Belgium for over 25 years. This synergy with Balta has helped modulyss as they now have 100 percent vertical integration of the production process, along with five factories as resources. “This means that we are capable of producing a lot of things in house – from the yarn to the finished carpet tile product” says Hisham Khairalla, Export Sales Manager, South Europe and MEA for modulyss. The integration has certainly helped the brand with its mission to manufacture and supply unique carpet tiles that challenge perceptions, all the while following ethical and environmental practices.

Through innovations and partnerships, modulyss integrate its sustainable vision of wellbeing and conservation throughout its whole value chain.They do so by using a number of methods, such as carbon offset initiative named CO2RE, providing end of use care, and more. CO2RE is a standard on the brand’s Handcraft collection and is available on request on all other modulyss carpet tile collections. Through CO2RE the production of these carpet tiles are CO2 neutral and comply with REACH standards. The products also go through an in-house and third-party certification programme, which guarantees the safety of the product.

modulyss is an active participant in sustainable initiatives within this region. “We partnered up with Surge For Water and were able to sponsor the event for the second time last year,” says Hisham. “It’s a great way for us to spread our message of using sustainable fishnets as raw materials for products.”

One of modulyss’ recent launches is comfortBack, a recycled polyester felt that reduces muscle fatigue while also minimising noise. The backing helps to improve the overall wellbeing and comfort by ensuring cushioning and sound absorption for the floor. “It’s like wearing your favourite pair of sneakers!” says Hisham. comfortBack has high recycled content and a lack of chemicals that make the end product better for the environment. It is available as a standard on a selection of modulyss collections but can also be equipped to any other collection.

Besides innovation and sustainability, the brand also places focus on creating carpet tile designs via stories. This strong narrative and the ability to mix and match products, gives modulyss a competitive edge in the industry. The brand was appointed to deliver all the carpets for the recently opened Fly Dubai Headquarters. “It’s one of the achievements we are extremely proud of in the Middle East region,” says Hisham.  

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14 April, 2020

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