Nada Debs & Kohler celebrate Water

For their Downtown Design 2023 exhibit, Kohler commissioned Nada Debs to develop an immersive booth design. Pulling from her Arab-Japanese heritage and tactile sensibilities, the globally acclaimed designer delivered a sinuous rendition inspired by water’s innate flow. At the showcase, a few university students indulged in an exclusive Meet & Greet with her. Catch the highlights…

Kohler has had a stellar year around the world. From creating a stunning light exhibit during the Valencia Fair to unveiling their Downtown Design booth designed by internationally acclaimed Nada Debs, the past year has been a pure indulgence for the team. But it is understandable; it is a meaningful time for the brand—completing 150 years in the industry comes with a good dose of pizzazz.

A Woody Affair

Kohler’s Downtown Design Showcase

Kohler’s booth at the Downtown Design tent intrigued passersby. Tall wooden louvres convulsing in an elegant curve, even from a distance, stirred curiosity. Nada Debs had usurped inspiration from mashrabiya and Japanese screens to create the scintillating stand. 

“The brief was to highlight four streams of products by Kohler”, Nada Debs told Love That Design. An iron-clawfoot, vintage bathtub stationed right at the face of the booth had an eclectic, vibrant twist. The classic design had married a deep turquoise shade to emerge as the hero.

The other highlights included the latest showers from the brand and much-talked about Artist Editions. The unique collaboration between artists and Kohler has toured the world and captured attention with vivid and intricate designs.

Meet & Greet with Nada Debs

Student Interactions at the Booth

New York University Abu Dhabi students met with the international designer and conversed about her oeuvre and inspirations. They were familiar with Kohler, but being at the booth in the presence of a designer presented them with a unique opportunity to understand both sides of the coin succinctly. From the products to the anecdotes Nada shared, the students took plenty of insights and a few moments with them to cherish.

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14 December, 2023

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