Valencia Fair 2023 – What You Need to Know

The Embassy of Spain’s strategy to put Spanish Design on the map includes an ambitious mission to deliver a bigger and better fair each year. Incidentally, Valencia Fair 2023 saw 96,000 square metres of commercial exhibition and offerings from 881 international companies and brands. Sprinkle new verticals, activities and networking, and you have a fair worth the international trip…

Valencia is always a good idea. Be it stunning Baroque architecture or animated streetscapes, there are always avenues worth exploring. But for September, design aficionados had a specific agenda to visit the Spanish city. The annual design event, Feria Hábitat Valencia, was scheduled to take effect from 19th September to 22nd September 2023. Once again, the signature Mediterranean warmth would welcome industry professionals, including designers and suppliers, to a four-day-long excursion.

For the Hábitat fair, particularly this year, organisers aimed for a larger fair with a heavy emphasis on products that portrayed the Crème de la Crème of Spanish design. This iteration also featured added attractions such as Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar, but at the same time cut back on the key category of Kitchens. Regardless, visitation for both Hábitat and Textilhogar remained similar as last year’s and have far exceeded those of 2019.

A press release shared by the organisers stated exhibitors were privy to lucrative business opportunities. International design firms and prominent hotel chains were actively looking for suppliers at the show. ‘One Valencian exhibitor signed off on a deal during the fair to furnish a thousand rooms in a new hotel complex’, the update revealed. 

Here are the key takeaways for those who couldn’t make it and are now tuned in due to the success of Valencia Fair 2023. Let’s catch you up:

The Brand Showcase

Sancal’s Exhibit at Valencia Fair 2023

Spanish design is equal parts function and form. In an industry saturated with contract furniture and other interior products, Spanish manufacturers (amongst other European counterparts) bring relief. The current state of affairs where employees are reluctant to leave homely comfort has clients seeking ways to get them back to office positions Spanish design is a potential global leader in product design. 

Last year, Sancal pulled audiences’ attention with the mighty Link sofa in a bright blue shade. For this time, they paid homage to the era of their origin. Shimmery cascades engulfed Sancal’s stand, already creating a mystery for passersby. Inside, saturated shades stood out amongst myriad patterns, prints and textures. Quirky furniture like Bold Coffee Table and Totem Stool brought the aesthetic together. The Firenze Sideboard and Lucca Sideboard by Rodolfo Dordoni for Punt also coalesced forms with unique planes.

Sancal and Punt at Valencia Fair 2023

On the other hand, Andreu World showcased their range of outdoor furniture and unveiled their new logo for the range at the Habitat fair. Pieces like the Liceo chair, an angular sofa called Afuera and a modular seating range called Nilo brought subdued luxury to their stand. Andreu World, a market leader, solidified their stance on the increased importance of outdoor areas. The overarching theme of the brand’s campaign, ‘The Good Life’, extended beyond their exhibit. The Andreu World showroom in Valencia also hosted a talk by designer Alfredo Haberli, who spoke about his latest modular range for offices called the In Out Office.

Ofifran‘s products, specifically their Channel Light chairs and Infinity table, also took the flexible route. Other products at the stand such as Bao and Levante reflected dynamism. Established corporate brands launching such versatile and unique furniture further affirms the ‘office renaissance’.

Similarly, at Boln’s exhibit, their vivid Vistas collection was a stand-out. Vistas is a modular seating collection by Mattias Stenberg that features an innovative material called Flexyskin. The whimsical Sarek and Abisko stools were also part of Boln’s entourage.

Andreu World launches their newest Outdoor logo and products at Valencia Fair 2023; Ofifran furniture reflects dynamism; Boln’s Vista Collection brings rainbow-coloured products at the exhibition

At the Actiu exhibit, sinuous forms and materiality took centre stage. Plush and quirky pieces like the Owwi by Arnau Reyna, Globb by Stone Designs and Ypse by Archirivolto Design set the mood for fun and individualistic furniture. One could see these items being used as statements in corporate lobbies or perhaps to layer hotel receptions. Actiu also planted their Qyos acoustic booths in various locations at the Hall. Industry professionals working on the go could use the employ and experience the quality of the products first-hand.

Omelette Editions’ showcase boasted a blend of hospitality and corporate – the honest need of the hour. The sofa from the Savoye Collection, for instance, would look sublime in a office break out spaces but would also be impressive in a suite. The Nua armchair by Atherr Desile Park studio (available in two) would befitting in a home office or as an accent chair and also bring elegance in short-term discussion areas in a workspace.

Representing the focus on biophilia was Greenarea’s stall featuring products from .annud and Equipo DRT. While .annud’s OFFO modular system and Shell stools depicted how contemporary pieces can juxtapose with plants, EquipoDRT’s fabrics exemplified layering.

Sculptural brilliance came in the form of Verges booth at Valencia Fair 2023. There, woven details of the Bogart and Nela collections had visitors gliding their fingers over textures. The showcase was a lesson in product variety. Sleek designs such as the Compass chair shared space with the Naoshima stool – an epitome of magnetic craftsmanship.

ACTIU features Owwi and Globb amongst other collections; Omelette Editions’ Sayove Collection and Nua armchair sit amidst an all-white set-up at Valencia Fair 2023; Greenarea collaborates with .annud and Equipo DRT this time around; Verges products are a lesson in variety of wooden products

Textile brand Equipo DRT drew on the power of sheers. With biophilia and connection to the outdoors quickly gaining popularity amongst clients, sheer fabrics that filter light and slivers of nature have also seen a surge. Materials in various textures and opacity were hung off high ceilings, demonstrating that even simplicity can be eye-catching. 

The INCLASS exhibit sported old and new collections. The newer pieces like REVER (a lounger) by the designer Mario Ruiz, VARYA XL chairs by the designer Simon Pengelly and LEA PLASTIC by the designer PerezOchando embodied elegance. All the furniture on the stand brought attention to clean line work and bolstered the importance of flawless manufacturing. Grassoler, a Spanish sofa manufacturer, also introduced four new models, Tria, Captor, Tripoli and Trilogy to add to their ultra-comfortable and playful Tendencia catalogue.

Equipo DRT draws on sheer fabric at Valencia Fair 2023; INCLASS flaunts new products REVER, VARYA XL and LEA PLASTIC; Grassolers adds to their Tendencia repertoire

Lladro, for the longest time, has been a brand of collectables. Possessing a Lladro product is a sign of elite taste, especially a lighting product. Few materials can diffuse ambient light as brilliantly as porcelain. Lladro has expertly fused the craftsmanship it is known for, with the material’s malleability and opacity. At Valencia Fair 2023, Soft Blown by Nichetto Studio and Mokuren by Naoto Fukasawa not only addressed the latest interior design trends but also emulated sophistication. Back at Lladro’s showroom, design professionals were invited for a networking session punctuated with wine and finger foods. 

Designed by the iconic Jean-Marie Massaud for Vondom, the Milos range is neotenic forms’ foray into the outdoors. Alongside the Posidonia and Hamptons by Ramón Esteve, the Tulum chairs and dining table, designed by Eugeni Quitllet also confirmed that ‘Outdoors are the New Living Areas.’ All these items were showcased against a backdrop of wooden slats flanged by an LED screen depicting visuals of verdure. This theme, enveloped in a tropical muse, was replicated at the Vondom Dome Experience outside the fair. Under a glass dome, professionals were invited for a close-knit tête-à-tête. Here, invitees also mingled with the latest Vondom products and dwelled in the plush outdoor pieces.

Lladro at Valencia Fair 2023 with Soft Blown, Seasons and Mokuren Collections & later, LTD pays visit to the Lladro facility in Valencia; Vondom features designs by Jean-Marie Massaud and brings back the Dome Experience

Yet another outdoor brand, Bivaq, also went all out during Valencia Fair 2023. A backdrop of an effervescent sky riddled with cotton candy clouds. Underneath dangling, kinetic bird cut-outs, Bivaq presented their vibrant offerings such as Garda and Teja.

The new Martini collection by Lagranja Design for Isimar was reminiscent of vintage garden furniture but with a twist. The Bolonia range also flaunted Isimar’s signature style but with a circular twist. At the brand’s booth, their table collection with ILMIODESIGN was the hero. Tables that make use of textiles, tiles and classic patterns made for interesting additions. 

Bivaq powers through a Sustainability focus and visually poetic stand design at Valencia Fair 2023, and the Garda Collection proves to be hero of the exhibit; Isimar collaboration with ILMIODESIGN and their new collections, Martini and Bolonia, were set-up in a well-lit, vibrant stand

In Conclusion

Once again, Spanish brands were seen putting their best foot forward. Visiting LZF Lamps’ space was a refreshing rendezvous. There, we saw true craftsmanship and behind-the-scenes making of awe-inspiring pieces. The entrepreneurial spirit that lends itself to creativity is always a delight to come across – something which can be said for the majority of Spanish brands.

LZF Lamps, in collaboration with Gandia Blasco, also presented their designs at the Fine Arts Museum of Valencia during the four days of Valencia Fair 2023. The event successfully combined art, design and gastronomy.

LZF Lamps’ showcase at Fine Arts Museum of Valencia during the four days of Valencia Fair 2023
Factory Visit LZF Lamps – The Confluence of Handcraft and Product Design

So far, the consensus from the product focus at the fair led to a clear aim. Brands are working towards bridging demands for creating ‘offices worth the commute.’ In hospitality, bright colours and bold forms seemed to rule. Brands at Valencia Fair 2023 have also begun making their most into their Mediterranean context and coming up with design-conscious, sustainable and deft outdoor options.

Overall, sustainability amongst the brand has ceased to become a marketing boast and has taken the approach of necessity. Now, all that remains is awaiting next year’s edition. Will it be even bigger and better? Will we see a broader participation? We certainly hope so.


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