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C/ Villa de Madrid, 23 CP 46988 Paterna

Equipo DRT are a Spanish textile company specialized in creating fabrics for decoration, especially curtains and upholstery fabrics, well-known in the market for the innovations,  good quality and the special design. In fact, love for textiles and technical knowledge are the two pillars on which our collections have been developed for more than 30 years.

Our main customers are interior designers, architects, home decor retailers and department stores who enjoy with the solutions for curtains in linen, polyester and Trevira, as well as velvets, prints and performance upholstery fabrics such as outdoor fabrics. Among our best designs, the Gran Mogol velvet, the collection designed by Javier Mariscal and the Atlas fabric stand out.

At Equipo DRT we create fabrics in an integral way, which leads us to see how fabric is gestated, born and grows, and how it becomes part of projects and environments that give it life. There where the fabrics speak, listen, decorate and inspire. That's how we are. That's how we feel. Talking textiles.


Unique fabrics for curtains

If something distinguishes the collection of Equipo DRT are its designs in fabrics for curtains. Unique creations designed from spinning to make each window special covering a wide range of textiles since natural linen to fire-retardant syntethic yarns.

“In Equipo DRT we believe in curtains, we think about each collection taking into account where it will be used, colors and textures, that it complies with regulations and that embellishes the room being a fundamental element in the decoration”, points out Arantxa Porter, Marketing Manager in the textile company. “We enjoy creating fabrics comprehensively, from how the fabric is conceived, is born, and grows to how it becomes part of projects and spaces that it brings to life. Atlas, Damero, Clio, are only one of the interesting fabrics we are developed with this philosophy”, adds Porter.

It is there that curtains take on another dimension and serve not only as decoration, but as an integrative, warm, welcoming, and distinguished element in each of the houses or contract projects in which they are used, projects that we collaborate on with national and international designers, interior designers, and architects.


Interior and exterior upholstery

The collection of perfomarce fabrics 'Maiz' designed to be used both outdoors and indoors is a good example of this philosophy. An upholstery with high performance, which resists the sun and allows washing with bleach for those most demanding spaces. 

Team members:

Marketing Manager

Arantxa Porter Esquivel

Responsible for marketing department including new products, prices, sales, and communication.

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