What to expect: Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023

Witness the stars of the past and the fireworks of the future in one of the most-coveted international design fairs –  Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023. Spain is set to host this bustling furniture and lights fair from September 19 to 22 this year. Visitors can anticipate the epitome of the Spanish industry’s furniture, lighting, decoration, upholstery, and other solutions that have the potential to sculpt the shape of design down the road. 

Effortlessly poised to become the global stage for the next wave of design, 1000+ international and national design firms will participate at Valencia Fair 2023, which is set to have about 33% more visitors from 70 countries than the 48,000 professionals who visited last year.

Feria Hábitat Valencia is also slated to have 30+ lectures, talks, round tables, and trailblazing special displays by exhibitors from countries like Belgium, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, etc. Coinciding with Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar, the design fair will be spread across a vast expanse of 84000 square meters this year.

What makes Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023 a must-visit?

The who’s who of the design industry of Spain will visit the event, making it a stellar platform for budding designers to gain recognition. A significant perk is how the Hábitat Valencia has the support of major organisations like ICEX, IVACE, EXTENDA, ANIEME, and FEDAI. This opens up a world of opportunities in the international arena swiftly.

Spanish companies that want to make a mark globally can also network with those who matter and exchange ideas with stakeholders of different nationalities. The glimmering presence of pioneering Spanish design companies like Akaba, Bivaq, Ezpeleta, Schuller, Fiam, Lladró, etc., is already igniting excitement.

This year, you can also reap the benefits of mental stimulation through the talks, conferences, and one-on-ones with professionals from a multitude of fields. Hábitat Valencia also bridges lucrative markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Arab countries, linking Latin America and Europe. Thanks to this 360-degree experience, the fair trumpets as a golden opportunity for anyone – from those with a slight interest in design to those in a passionate love affair with the industry.

Unraveling the soul of design

At the core of this year’s Hábitat Valencia lies the aim to create a ‘sensory and experiential’ showcase that unveils the soul of design. The marketing campaign for the event mirrored that idea by revealing what’s on the inside of furniture pieces, lamps, etc. – their raw materials, which are their essence. This was done to highlight and ‘expose’ the product-making process, not just the outer layer that meets the eye.

The latest buzz is – will the new logo of Hábitat that will be revealed by the design consultancy Odosdesign (the brain behind this concept) be about the soul of design? Or something else?

Odosdesign to unveil New Logo for Valencia Fair

A spotlight on sustainability at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023

The discussion about the future continues to take form at the event, where we’ll see sustainability in thought and action through talks and several products at the Hábitat. For example, an exhibition will be staged by Andreu World, Carmen Baselga, and Héctor Serrano to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean, while another talk, ‘The Gravity Wave,’ will turn that into action and delve into converting marine plastic waste into designer products. There are other intriguing sessions on simulating scenes from the near future and infusing sustainability in the home textiles sector, among others.

In Out Office by Andreu World

The awaited Brand Showcase at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023

As always, the annual Valencia Fair will be home for brands from all over the world as they showcase their latest products and network with clients. Earlier iterations of the fair have seen mammoth brands hinting what’s coming from them soon enough. This year will be no different. Watch-out for homegrown Spanish brands such as ACTIU (N3 – P1 | Stand C2215), Andreu World (N3 – P2 | Stand A9), Punt Mobles (N3 – P2 | Stand A22), Equipo DRT (N3 – P2 | Stand A30), INCLASS (N3 – P2 | Stand A31) and Lladro (N3 – P2 | Stand A38). Ambient lighting brand Artemide and furniture brand VONDOM shall also set up shop during the fair. 

Bivaq (N3 – P2 | Stand D15), an outdoor furniture brand quickly rising up the ranks, has something ‘utopian’ planned for visitors. The most common element of any outdoor setting is the sky, which Bivaq will be leveraging as a theme. Beach, mountains or deserts, there’s no fresh breeze and the pleasure of nature without the sky. Also, watch out for Kriskadecor‘s aluminium links making show-stopping appearances every now and then.

Garda by Bivaq

In prospect: Paving the future with Salón Nude

Hábitat will also brim with a fresh edition of Salón Nude, which will amplify the synergies of young international designers, design school students, and other budding design professionals with the producers and distributors of interior trade. It will reflect their dynamic vision, powered by innovation and a fertile dialogue flickering with the show’s spirit.  

The work that will become a part of Salón Nude will be vetted by a Selection Committee composed of design journalists, leading designers, and creative directors. The past editions of Salón Nude have showcased the works of now-successful designers around the world, acting as a pulsating hotbed for design excellence.

In retrospect: An ode to Gabriel Teixidó, Miguel Milá & José Manuel Ferrero

As the event gazes into the future with a spotlight on sustainability, it does not forget to weave in the legendary tapestry of the past – and present. It will honour the work of three pioneering Spanish designers whose products have been to Spanish design what lighthouses are to ships. The event will showcase the work of Miguel Milá, known as the master of Spanish design whose works have become unforgettable classics. He is known for creating accessible pieces that have gone on to become classics since he began working in the 1950s. While a tribute will be paid to legendary designer Gabriel Teixidó’s work, design atelier José Manuel Ferrero’s concept exhibition will mark 20 years of the event.

This year, Hábitat is just like they like to say, “Much more than a trade fair.”

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