New/ Latest Products – April 22nd

With organizations seeing more people return to the office, furniture manufacturers and designers are in turn seeing a renewed interest in commercial and resimercial focused designs. Major brands are taking new approaches to product design keeping in mind the post-pandemic shift in working trends, and releasing some cool new products to the market. 

We took some time to scout out some of the best new designs out there. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are six products we think you should take a look at.

Featured Image Credits: Unsplash

Steelcase Flex Media Cart

New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

Who doesn’t miss the creative sparks that fly when you collaborate in person? We sure did, and Steelcase knows that too. While some of us still prefer to work remotely, the rest of us are looking to head back to the office. To support all kinds of tech and digital tools, the Flex Media cart effortlessly keeps things mobile and simple. It’s capable of holding a 65-inch screen and is available in a range of finishes as well.

Hideaway Desks

New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

This desk represents everything Bisley does well! It uses its expertise in designing high quality and sleek storage solutions to design a simple pop-up style desking solution that is minimal, compact, and effective! Perfect for small spaces, the hideaway desk is a clever design allowing you to switch between work and rest with ease. 

Haze Floor

New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

For when you want some added style into your resimercial design, this sleek lighting product with white painted metal base is ideal for your living room. The 3D woven polyester shade cover comes from Camira fabrics in white, black and petroleum. 


New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

Grace K, a senior design at KI, describes Colonnade as a system that revolves around maximum user control and flexibility. It creates a sense of place and an antidote to chaos by working well with open places to create zones for focus or collaborative work. 


New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

VD Werkstätten brings us biophilic design in a simple and easy to install manner through the Spalt – a wall cladding that imitates wood and gives that refreshing feel you only get from nature. Unlike real splitted wood, which is only available in small pieces, SPALT can be used as full sized panels.

Caementum CMT

New/ Latest Products - April 22nd

Pedrali’s latest table is a single-piece concrete unit with a central base. Despite its heavy raw materials, it gives off a light and casual feel, owing to its intrinsically delicate geometry and colors. According to Pedrali, “​​The addition of carefully selected additives makes the highly resistant material guarantee excellent technical performance, including ease of cleaning, greater resistance to mechanical stresses and weathering, and low permeability to liquids and stains”. The nylon foot is a thoughtful feature that is put in place to help users avoid damaging their footwear. 


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