Passport Work Table: On the move with you

With the boundaries between work and home closing in, there’s a steep rise in modular and compact furniture. From Herman Miller comes the Passport Work Table that makes working, from any nook or spot, easy. Although, the table poses a threat – for it can quickly become your tail, or worse yet – you could become its…

Sitting at home for months together has awakened the working folk to new-found proficiency and comfort. As a result, offices are looking to provide more seating configurations to lure employees back, citing flexibility in the workplace. On the other side of the coin, homeowners are on the lookout for work-from-home furniture that does not steal away from the cosy feel and can be stashed away quickly. 

Enter Passport Work Table, height-adjustable tables with the coveted Herman Miller quality. Coming from a brand that has always been ahead of the curve and brought superior products in collaboration with visionary designers such as Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick – Passport Work Table comes with expectations, but does it deliver?

An Office Set-up on the Go: Adjustable and Accommodating

Sure, the Passport Work Table has height-adjustment features, but what’s commendable is the lightweightedness of the unit despite possessing such a mechanism. A single-column base that rises and collapses with the help of a pneumatic lift and soft-push lever frees it from the hassle of plug points and those pesky things called wires.

Feel like standing up and working? Just a slight push and the Passport Work Table will rise to the occasion. Have been waiting for an opportunity to use that generous sill by the window? Grab a cushion and your Passport Work Table, and get set, cosy!

Practically any surface in a home or office can turn into an office set-up with a Passport Work Table. Nooks and corners you never imagined could be utilised productively can now be much-need concentration alcoves.

It’s Compact like a….Passport: Just the Right Size

Herman Miller offers two sizes for the Passport Work Table – one with a 22 x 16” work surface and a height adjustment range of 12”, another with a 28 x 20” work surface and a height adjustment range of 18″. Both comfortably fit work essentials like a laptop, a notebook and even the faithful water bottle. With the option of bag hooks on the stand, there exists the possibility of storing reference documents or extra stationary (or mid-work/while-work munchies) within the set-up.

The Passport Work Table is just the right size to be the ideal work buddy and perfect to avoid clutter. For more seclusion and reduced distractions, add on a privacy screen, and there you have it – a private work session with yourself (and your secret snacks).

The Passport to Travel Within Spaces in Style

While being tremendously proficient, the Passport Work Table is also endlessly stylish. Take the single-column base, for example, the clean blend of matte and gloss finish adds an extra richness to the product. Opt for a melamine work surface or a laminate one; choosing to go with a plywood edge could assist in converting the Passport Work Table to an industrial-looking accent table when not in use and an elegant work table when in use. 

Introduce a pop of colour with a wide range of finishes and colours, or use a privacy screen with a striking hue. Depending on the usage, select from casters or gliders, and there is a product that, by its mere existence, allows you to transform the usage of any space.

The Passport Work Table is an investment, really. A single space could procure multiple units and use them in multiple ways. In offices – it can become a mobile short-meeting spot in a jiffy or be a reliable assistant while taking down minutes of a meeting while standing up. Even in schools and other educational settings, the Passport Work Table allows for a freedom that’s unrivalled. In homes – the Passport Work Table can be the extra hand you need. From being an anywhere lunch table to being the ultimate signifier of DND time with the privacy screen to being the support one needs while eyeing the children, the possibilities are endless with the Passport Work Table.

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16 March, 2023

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