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Presto is elevating human health and lifestyle by offering effective water management solutions. With an array of faucet and sanitary fittings, the brand focuses all its efforts towards conserving and handling water for optimal usage. At Love That Design, we are excited to partner with Presto; a brand that is leading the way forward for sustainable living.

“Water is not just another resource, it is life.” Keeping this fact at the very core of its existence, Presto has erected a legacy of 100 years in creating products that promote the mindful use of water. They offer innovative tapware and sanitary fixtures that are reinventing the contemporary patterns and practices of water usage. Over the years, the brand has developed an innate understanding of how people use water for various purposes. Therefore, the solutions offered by Presto are highly driven by consumer behaviour, requirements, and usage patterns- helping tailor their experience with water.

About Presto

The Brand’s Secret Sauce

Seeping through generations, Presto has a long-standing passion for prudently using water. But, what sets the brand apart from its competitors is not just their passion; but their expertise, which has sustained for over a century now. Equipped with vast amounts of data and a team of skilled professionals, Presto crafts products with utmost attention to detailing. This allows the brand to bring an element of flexibility to their designs that enables them to adapt to the varying needs of people across boundaries.

The quality of products has always been a priority for Presto; positioning it as a trustworthy and reliable name in the market. Research, technology, and innovation are integral to the design and manufacturing process of the brand. An in-depth understanding of stakeholders’ expectations is a hallmark of the brand, particularly in sectors like public and healthcare facilities. They believe in collaborating with people from various walks of life so that they continuously experiment and explore new ideas to stay relevant in the industry.

We’ve got the burning desire to share our knowledge and technology to make a positive impact on water management! It’s a 100-year-old flame, and it’s still burning hard.

– Thierry Vivier, Global Marketing Director, Presto

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

Aligning with a water-saving approach, Presto has strategically intensified its focus on facilities that have high water consumption needs such as public buildings, workspaces, institutions, and recreational hubs with pools or spas. Another significant part of their footprint and organisational expansion plan is in the niche of healthcare. In this space, Presto is not only seeking to provide water solutions but also making sure patients are safe, surgeons have what they need, and the staff can manage things smoothly. 

The brand has a very strong belief in the fact that there’s a lot of room for growth and progress in the Middle East. So, their efforts are now oriented towards the region for grasping the diverse local cultural needs of the people to tailor solutions accordingly. With a foresight for global reach, Presto is all geared up to support the surging water management demands in the Middle East with their expertise.

New Innovations for the International Market– What the readers can look forward to

Using cutting-edge technology, Presto is evolving its products to be more universal, flexible, and adaptable. To propel its ideology further, the brand is participating in leading global trade shows, such as INDEX Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the brand is looking forward to celebrating a 10-year anniversary of its presence in the Middle East region. Through its collaboration with Love That Design, Presto seeks to promote the idea of making spaces better and safer for everyone by judiciously using water.

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25 March, 2024

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