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In the past decade, Sancal shifted from sporadic collaborations to a consistent working dynamic, revitalising its catalogue. Over 50 new products now grace its pages, each carrying unique signatures from a diverse spectrum of designers – engineers to artists, established to emerging talents, and national to international figures. As they celebrate this transformation, Love That Design welcomes them on board!

Forged under the Spanish sun half a century ago, Sancal remains rooted in its Mediterranean origins, embodying the essence of Spanish identity – a perfect blend of passion, openness, joy, and humility. Their design philosophy dances between a strong identity and personalisation, transforming furniture into a canvas of individual expression.

Diversity is celebrated at Sancal, where each piece resonates with its owner’s unique character. Collaborating with established studios, emerging talents, and their in-house team, Sancal’s design obsession and commitment to innovation constantly push boundaries, enhancing existing products and introducing new concepts.

Yet, Sancal’s vision stretches beyond furniture to crafting a happier world. Their designs aim to inspire architects and designers to fashion spaces that are not just beautiful but also brimming with fun and stimulation. Here, well-being and respect for the environment isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life.

With our motto ‘Smile, break the mould, and be happy!’ We call for action to improve. Embracing good humour as the key to a job that is enjoyable, we continually question the established norms, believing it is possible to design a happier world.

– Elena Castaño-López, Art Director, Sancal

The Brand’s Secret Sauce

Sancal is one of the Spanish firms that have helped to shape the country’s design scene and continue to push it forward. Under the stewardship of the company’s founder Santiago Castaño In 1992 the marque collaborated with Juli Capella in the prestigious cultural project for the Barcelona Olympics with Valencian designer JJ Belda. Miguel Milá, one of Spain’s most lauded designers, went on to create three emblematic pieces for the brand. 

In 2007, the second generation joined the company. Esther and Elena Castaño brought fresh insight, developing more emotional, hedonistic and extroverted designs. Estudio Sancal grew into a multidisciplinary powerhouse in its own right, boasting inhouse graphic, industrial and interior designers, a dedicated master upholsterer. Unlike many brands, Sancal retains total control, from inception to manufacturing and commercialization giving its pieces unrivalled quality.

This strategic evolution resulted in a more compelling product offering, paving the way for enhanced brand positioning and collaborations with internationally acclaimed designers like Toyo Ito, Note Studio, Karim Rashid, Raw Color and Studiopepe, to name but a few. This cascading effect propelled Sancal into a realm where design became the cornerstone of brand differentiation.

Today, Sancal boasts a growing market, with ever greater acclaim from design lovers around the world. The brand stands tall as a beacon of collaborative innovation, where the joie de vivre in the design process continually produces awe-inspiring products.

Mediterranean culture has made us what we are: a passionate, open and joyful company; energetic, hard-working and creative; family oriented and a friend of its friends; humble and responsible; fun, affectionate and friendly.

– Esther Castaño-López, CEO, Sancal

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

Sancal has unveiled ambitious strategies to expand its footprint in the Middle East. The company is forming strategic alliances with local distributors and is actively participating in some of the region’s most emblematic architectural development projects. Recognising the growing demand for contemporary and practical furniture in Eastern markets, Sancal has opened a sales office and plans to set up a showroom. 

Concurrently, meticulously curated collections and product launches at prestigious design events, such as the Salone del Mobile, offer the ideal stage to showcase Sancal’s innovative design and craftsmanship to the global professional community. As Sancal gears up for an exciting chapter in the Middle East, the primary focus is on establishing a recognisable and appreciated presence in a market that values joy as much as innovation in furniture.

Discover the vibrant world of Sancal at Love That Design, where readers can follow the brand’s journey. From groundbreaking furniture to innovative concepts, expect to explore captivating interiors in a wide variety of applications, from residences to restaurants or hotels to headquarters. 

Delve into the latest collections or research the brand’s most iconic pieces. A treasure trove of creativity and inspiration awaits.

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28 March, 2024

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