Shaw Contract takes the Golf Course

Through Dubai Design Week, carpet brand Shaw Contract enticed visitors via a unique set-up. The team transformed the Shaw Contract showroom at Dubai Design District into an exciting venue. Get a peep of the one-of-a-kind experience…

Everybody who entered Shaw Contract’s showroom during Dubai Design Week 2023 paused at the door to take in the spectacle. The light-infused showroom was moonlighting as a mini golf theme park!

Courtesy of Clubhouse Mobile Mini Golf, the worlds of plush, sustainable carpets had collided with a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping activity. Designers and design students tried swinging the club in the five courses. From the ubiquitous Ferris Wheel arrangement to ones involving the pesky twisty channels that hide the putt, each course came with its challenges and a Shaw Contract product lining it. Apart from the golf courses, the extensive material library also boasted an impressive display.

Amidst triumphant responses and nail-biting anticipation, Shaw Contract also conveyed a message that deeply aligns with their core values. The phrase ‘Design Optimism’ was etched within each golf putt, symbolising the brand’s conviction in the transformative power of design. This idea is the cornerstone for the Shaw Contract Awards, an annual initiative to encourage innovative approaches to working, learning, healing, and flourishing.

The Products that Shined

The Newly Launched Floor Architecture III:

This carbon-neutral, Cradle to Cradle and Indoor Air Comfort gold-certified line offers more than a conscious approach. Deriving its muse from the patterns and textures created by natural stone, polished concrete, pebbles and small rocks, Floor Architecture III comes in three styles: Formation Fragment and Stone. Each style, in turn, is available in three colourways and three backings. After the resounding success of its predecessors, Floor Architecture and Floor Architecture II, this newest range offering 27 colours is set to impress specifiers with choice. e designs.

New Path:

One look at New Path’s subtle and sober patterns and shades, and the mind starts envisioning its realisation in commercial spaces. The three carpets under the collection, Poised, Positive and Upbeat, each reflect the rhythms of their respective names as patterns. In addition, the New Path collection is carbon neutral, optimised for low embodied carbon, closed-loop recyclable and Cradle to Cradle certified® Silver.

Backing it All: EcoWorx®, Taskworx® Tile and ComfortWorx® Tile

It is good to know Shaw Contract offers options in carbon neutral backings, but what delineates these from one another?

First, EcoWorx S™ is an innovative backing recently launched in EMEA that is closed loop recyclable, bitumen free, and optimised for low embodied carbon. Next, ComfortWorx® Tile provides a solution for both acoustic and underfoot comfort with 65% improvement in sound absorption over standard carpet tile and hard surfaces.

Taskworx® backing, on the other hand, is one of the most cost-efficient performance carpet tiles in the market, made of polymer modified bitumen. Last but not least, EcoWorx® Tile is carbon neutral and optimised for low embodied carbon. It is a Cradle to Cradle Silver certified and close loop recyclable. 

From left to right: EcoWorx S™ Tile; Taskworx® Tile; ComfortWorx® Tile; EcoWorx® Tile

Experience all these products, their variants and combinations at Shaw Contract’s Dubai showroom in Dubai Design District.
Building 6, Suite 108B


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