WILD goes to KSA

Four exceptional women come together to discuss the Saudi Vision 2030, the rapid growth and ambitious plan for the region, along with a deep commitment to gender equality and inclusion.


WILD goes to KSA tackles the topic of diversity in the workplace and how policy changes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia positively impact productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Emma Burdett explores the role of the W20 in the G20 summit; how leadership and role models are key to fostering growth & sharing key advice from the panelist on finding your voice as a woman in industry.

The Experts

Emma Burdett

Moderator, Founder of WILD

Salma Alrashid

Women 20 2020 Sherpa and Chief Advocacy Officer at Alnahda Society

Claire McDonald

Resilience Senior Manager at The Red Sea Development Company

Hanadi Alzahrani

Hospitality Senior Manager at The Red Sea Development Company

Part 1: Interior Design Opportunities for Women In Saudi Arabia

  • Claire – What is it like being an expat woman living in Saudi?
  • Hanadi – Breaking New Ground
  • Hanadi – What is it like being a Saudi National Woman in the region pursuing an Interior Design career?
  • Salma – Tell us more about the G20 and the W20 role in it?

Part 2: Policy Changes and Diversity

  • Hanadi – How has policy changes in the Kingdom affected Interior Design?
  • Claire – How has diversity in the workplace changed productivity?
  • Salma – Have you been able to drive policy for diversity?
  • Salma – Tokenism – Being the Token Woman in a forum
  • Claire – How do you get men to be advocates for women?

Part 3: Saudi Women In Leadership Deliver

  • Salma – Leadership & Role Models – How do you lead?
  • Hanadi – Is there a role model or mentor you reach for?
  • Claire – What stops women from getting to the top?
  • Salma – Impostor Syndrome – Am I worthy?

Part 4: Succeeding with Passion and Self Belief

  • Hanadi – How important is Passion and Self belief?
  • Salma, Claire & Hanadi – What single piece of advice you would give your younger self

Part 5: Audience Feedback

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