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Under the sharp artistic approach and future minded guidance of Esra Lemmens herself, the Esra Lemmens Agency has developed custom strategies that bring clarity and definition to the designers work; it helps convey a specific message to a particular group of people, whether that is a conceptual or a commercial environment.

At the Esra Lemmens Agency, Art and Design principles are combined to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction, it connects to what you’re seeing and experiencing. Together with Designers, Artist and cultural organizations we work hand-in-hand to deliver that point, emotionally and physically. We build towards that important, yet sometimes intangible emotion that empowers the artist’s work.

Optimized design management is the core competence that circumscribes the process of enabling designers to achieve clear business objectives in a broad spectrum, working on both sides of the divide, reaching beyond design itself. It is the art and science of empowering design to enhance collaboration and synergy between “design” and “business” to improve design effectiveness.

Design Management

Understanding the nature and the inner workings of each medium of design management enables us to choose the most suitable medium for every single situation. Good management provides the best strategic and financial benefits for your company, and investment in solid design management leads to more sales and higher profits. The nuance you need to make is that this effect only occurs when design is driven by customized design management. However, it is not only about driving creative skills, it is also a matter of organizing the organization in such a way that these competencies can be fully realized.

Design management also focuses on design communication, which is more than just a set of strategies and tools. It is a mindset meant to redefine the relationships between designers and the world and in addition to that on collaboration with others; think about the collaboration between conceptual designers and commercial companies, co-creation, but also the impact of design influencers nowadays where media is constantly ravenous. Design management can only thrive if design is also linked to research, development, and innovation. At last, design management ensures that a company knows its competitors at an appropriate distance.

Design Communication

Design communication is more than just a set of strategies and tools. It is a mindset meant to redefine the relationships between designers and the world and it is more important than it ever used to be.

All business concerns need the trust of the public they serve. A sound public image based on trust is a valuable asset to business operation and growth. Your reputation built around your image influences your day-to-day dealings with clients and service providers and has an impact on your profitability and other long-term goals. A business with a less-than-perfect public image is not likely to secure the key support of the public it deals with.

In today’s changing world, fostering and maintaining good design communication, and design management can be tricky and time-consuming. Solid design communication minimizes that time designers spend on marketing efforts, in order for them to devote more of their energy to what they do best, and focus on the act of creating,

Growth in different media has produced the need for tailored and specialized handling of the message. Television, radio, print, e-mail, and social media name just a few of the areas companies have to be sure to have a presence in. Each of these media requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness and reputation and to build a community with current clients. However, no company has the time and resources to do everything they need to do to grow their business.

We believe that talented designers at every level can generate impressive reputations through strategic and deliberate contacts with key industry stakeholders. Our aim is to minimize the time that our clients spend on marketing efforts, allowing them to devote more of their energy to the act of creating, while also developing a strong professional network.

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