Lighting Design Partnership International - LDPi

Lighting Consultants

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Globally minded lighting design partnership working on notable architectural projects worldwide.

LDPi are one of the leading firms of Lighting Architects/Designers worldwide.

As an RIBA registered practice of 20 years, we ensure professionalism and delivery on signature projects worldwide.
Staffed primarily by Architects and Interior Designers, LDPi ensures seamless integration into Design Teams around the world.

LDPi focus on the effect and integration of light throughout all practice work, whether this be in a Masterplan condition or small-scale project.

With an inherent understanding of the construction process and unique staff skill base in architectural detailing, we strive to provide integrated solutions anchored in architecture, landscape and interior spaces. With an inherent interest in the design world, we seek influence and creativity from all aspects of international design and culture. The practice embraces new technology and design challenges looking forward whilst embedded in the commercial realism of international design and construction markets.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Lighting Design Partnership International - LDPi


United Arab Emirates