NORR group is a full service, consulting and property development organization offering architectural, engineering, management and construction services worldwide.

The success and longevity of NORR Interiors is directly related to the diversity offered by the number of internationally qualified Interior Designers engaged full time within their Abu Dhabi office.

The Client is empowered with the broadest variety of expertise and methodologies to suit their aspirations, budget and operation.

The Practice has and continues to demonstrate their proficiency across an extensive variety of design genres. Our portfolio prides itself with Corporate Headquarters, Financial Institutions, Hotel and Leisure and Retail design.

The wide-ranging number of recurring appointments from Clients over 20 years in the region is testament to the care and diligence a dedicated team offers on a personal level from a Project’s inception through to completion.

A straight forward philosophy of listening and understanding the Client’s needs, allaying concerns, expanding possibilities and controlling expenditure consistently results in the timely delivery of a product reflecting the Client’s eminence.

Simply, the distinction of every Project serves as a precious calling card for all our future engagements.



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