We’re an award-winning lighting design practice with one simple mission: to delight, excite and inspire people with our creations. Whether we’re working on a restaurant, a luxury home, a hotel or a public square, we believe that how a place feels is just as important as how it looks – and we never forget the importance of atmosphere.

We’re admired for our emphasis on creating sustainable and energy-efficient lighting schemes, and we’re known for constantly pushing boundaries in terms of design and attention to detail. We don’t let our egos get in the way, though, and we collaborate closely with the architects and designers on any given project to make sure everything works together beautifully.

We believe that the most creative and innovative design concepts come from people who have the freedom and confidence to express their thoughts and feel heard. That’s why we have a “no eyerolls” policy for all creative suggestions, and why we’re able to attract designers who have tons of passion, bags of charisma, and oodles of fantastic ideas. We’re leading the way in lighting design, and it’s one heck of an exciting journey.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Community type:

Nulty Lighting


Mazaya Business Avenue, JLT, 2106, Bldg AA1
United Arab Emirates