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Boston Consulting Group Office, Doha

8 floor,Office 815, Al Fardan Office Tower 61, 816 Al Funduq St, Doha, Qatar

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About the project

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Doha, is designed by Allen Architecture Interiors Design and Fitted-out by One Thousand Walls WLL. Situated on a captivating peninsula surrounded by water, our design narrative draws inspiration from the fluid borders and connection to the mainland. Just like BCG, pioneers in the local market with a global presence, the space embodies adaptability, innovation, and a nonconformist approach.

Reflecting the essence of the peninsula, our vision for the BCG office space embraces fluidity, adaptability, and resourcefulness. Soft arches and curved details guide occupants through the space, while concave ceiling elements define zones, creating a sense of security and shelter. The natural enclaves and refuge-like spaces formed by the contrasting yet fluid edges of the peninsula are echoed in our design, offering pockets of tranquility for focused work.

To promote movement and spontaneous interactions, the office features unassigned desking and an agile working environment. Abundant natural light streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows, enveloping the space in warmth and comfort, while offering breathtaking views that inspire and invigorate the senses.

Embracing a minimal yet layered aesthetic, our design establishes a harmonious and vibrant atmosphere.

The color palette is subdued and subtle, with vibrant accents paying homage to the terracotta desert sand, golden sun, and lush greenery. Balancing tones and textures, our approach strikes a seamless blend of fluidity and structure, simplicity and intricate details.

Photo Credits : BGC Marketing Team

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12,899 sq-ft.





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May, 2023

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