Breo R&D Office, Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China

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Located in Fenda Technology Park, Shenzhen, the project is Breo’s R&D office established by its production technology department, to provide high-quality services in the process of brand reproduction and technology reengineering.

This new workspace, designed by Onexn Architects, is intended to convey the company’s values of doing the right things and the corporate philosophy of putting people at the center of technology. The inspiration for this project came mostly from the business philosophy of the company’s founder and president Ma Heting. At the early design stage, the design team studied the brand and its underlying business philosophy – respect for the Way, virtue and righteousness, which is extracted from the ideas of ancient Chinese philosopher Wang Yangming.

Based on the concepts of the brand and its products, Onexn Architects figured out the functional demands of the space. The team extracted four key words, i.e. efficiency, simplicity, lightness and connection, to interpret the functional layout of the space and its forms. The project is located on the upper floor of a tower building in Fenda Technology Park. The design team set the open office area at a position with the optimal view and daylighting conditions, so that the quality resources can be shared by all employees, reflecting the corporate values of fairness and equality. In the middle of the open office area, a core functional area is set up, which serves as a functional transition and separates the dynamic and the static.


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1,000 sq-ft.




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August, 2021

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