City Heights, Cape Town

7 Jul , 2019  

Set by Cape Town’s mountainside, City Heights designed by ARRCC, is a terraced home that is a treasure trove of gem-like materials and custom furniture. The space was designed to provide ultimate comfort within high functioning entertainment zones. A sense of dynamic living is achieved via a combination of metallic surfaces juxtaposed with warm wood and splashes of bright colour. The walnut panelling in the entrance hall reflects the warmth that pervades in the rest of the home, while a metal fleck ceramic by Chantal Woodman for OKHA, stands on a suspended black swing server. Patterns in the marble-like flooring and custom designed geometric grey woollen rug are complemented by ceramic installation art by Hennie Meyer. Architects SAOTA developed the house with all guest bedrooms on the bottom storey to elevate the main living area and master bedroom to a penthouse. Dividing the bedroom and bathroom is a slatted, faceted walnut screen that creates yet another beautiful point of interest, while defining the two spaces and adding privacy. 

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