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Khaitan & Co Head Office, Noida

Max Towers, Noida, India

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Ultraconfidentiel completes the Design & Build of the new 54,000 sq.ft. Headquarters created for Khaitan & Co, one of the biggest law firms in India, in Max Towers (Noida).

It is well known that interior design has become one of the main tools of profound corporate evolution. Khaitan & Co, one of the largest and most prestigious Indian law firms took a leap forward by deciding to change the traditional concept of a legal office. Ultraconfidentiel, in charge of the complete Design & Build project, has translated this need for business growth into an uplifting, vibrant and contemporary design that still embodies the values and DNA of the historic company.

The area dedicated to customers and meetings represents the maximum expression of the company. Traditional materials such as marble and dark wood combined with more modern finishes such as metallic laminate create a visual contrast that represents the tradition of the group projected towards the future. The welcome area is characterised by lounge waiting islands with perspectives towards the articulated composition of glass boxes dedicated to meeting rooms.

Corridors become an attractive space. A rhythm of glass partitions, opaque elements and natural green walls make the experience through the space exciting. The entire project was conceived as a serie of perspectives from different points of view that enhance the landscape, the architecture of the building and the design elements conceived.

The corridors reveal an incredible waiting lounge in the center of the area designed for customer meetings. The ceiling opens-up into a light installation which promises to make the waiting lounge a pleasant experience before a meeting. More than 300 thin luminous elements surround the waiting lounge. This area is visible from most of the meeting rooms, thus constituting the heart of the entire project dedicated to the client area, a formal and elegant space where the values of integrity and professionalism of Khaitan & Co emerge.


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