Radio Victoria Office, Buenos Aires

Maipu 1210, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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MP Workplaces drew inspiration from the dynamic world of contemporary art to craft this project. Spanning two floors, the design aimed to maintain cohesion throughout Radio Victoria’s program. A central focus of the project was the establishment of a town hall, strategically positioned to connect both floors both vertically and horizontally. This multi-functional space serves as a communal gathering point and a collaborative hub.

During the layout development process, preserving the privacy of operational areas from the main circulation routes was a paramount consideration, all while ensuring a dynamic and engaging flow. To accomplish this, MP employed gracefully curved corridors that showcased custom art pieces crafted by a graphic design studio, exclusively for the client.

The infusion of contrasting and vibrant color palettes breathed life and vitality into the space. Simultaneously, the use of organic forms and curves facilitated seamless navigation throughout the floor plan, effectively linking various sections of the design.

The outcome is a mesmerizing and fluid design that authentically reflects the vision and unique identity of the company.

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34,500 sq-ft.





Buenos Aires

Completed On:

August, 2023

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