SIEMENS ENERGY was in search of a workspace which could clearly display the #bettertogether framework, where people grow and innovate. On this track, MP Workplaces created an office with a range of spaces for people to choose where to work, collaborate and concentrate, a smart and efficient office that boosts productivity and creativity.

The new location at Lumina Olivos offers open views and large amount of natural lighting and sun, and as the floor plan is shaped as a hand fan it allows all the workstations to merge with these. Regarding the design of the spaces, the energy connecting society and environment is showed through technology and artificial lighting resources on one side, and biophilia and natural lighting on the other. Most of the palette is white and gray with different textures, and colour is delivered by branding and vegetation. Natural-feel materials such as wooden profile glass fronts or carpets with organic patterns bring coziness to the space.