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España 960051910 Spin Master Office Valencia (Spain), Valencia, Spain

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Spin Master, the Canadian multinational that created, among others, the famous Paw Patrol, has chosen Valencia, capital of the Spanish toy industry and world capital of design, for its Spanish headquarters. Specifically, the chosen location is the Alameda Building in the capital of the Turia, a strategic position very close to the city center. With an open space of 400 m2.

A large part of the floor space is dedicated to a showroom where Spin Master exhibits its products to customers. Thanks to Destudio‘s experience in the retail sector, this space has been designed as a store within the offices. This store also has a large meeting table where Spin Master closes its contracts during the sales campaign. The Open Space stands out as the core of the offices and allows the integration of the different workplaces. Designed to measure and always listening to the needs of the company,

Throughout this space, the worker can find different areas designed for more relaxed meetings, informal meetings, etc. These areas have been designed with modern sofas that invite you to disconnect, as well as a meeting point for employees. The Spin Master team also has a soundproof booth that is perfect for taking private calls and facilitates the privacy of some communications. The office and coworking space sector is booming and knowing how to listen to the client’s needs is fundamental for the success of the project.

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4,306 sq-ft.





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May, 2022

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