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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The approach to Phoenix was to create a mood lighting throughout to compliment the dark industrial yet elegant design. The masculine and raw materials used throughout the office was elevated further with strategic lighting selections that felt as one with the office without standing out and light placements that showcased design elements in a subtle but statement-like way. The space was fitted out by Swiss Bureau Interior Design.

The main design highlight and an interesting challenge was to create the boardroom chandelier using a retro component like neon. Conventionally more popular as a signage material, the neon underwent a lot of R&D to be developed into a statement piece for the boardroom – paying homage to the science of electrical and chemical reactions coming together to create an element with depth and life. Making its way back into the lighting world, neon is flipping the switch on previous design limitations, leaving space for more possibilities than ever before.

The office is designed to maximize natural light and is smartly aligned with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing panoramic views of Downtown Dubai. The greenery and planters used throughout add a biophilic element and bring the space to life creating a calm and inviting place to work, while enhancing mental well-being and productivity. In addition to the remarkable lighting design throughout the office, the Speakeasy Bar exudes the ambiance of a timeless lounge. The lighting concept was carefully curated to capture the essence of classic sophistication while infusing a contemporary twist. Subtle yet striking, the warm glow of the lighting fixtures casts a captivating aura, emphasizing the rich textures and luxurious details that adorn the space. Strategically placed strip lights and pendant lights contribute to the intimate atmosphere, casting soft shadows that add depth and intrigue to the bar area. The artful play of light and shadows enhances the allure of the cozy seating arrangements and the elegant bar counter, creating an inviting space that beckons guests to unwind and indulge.

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