2tec2 Now On Love That Design

As a brand, 2tec2 has always strived for excellence in innovation and design. Its commercial woven vinyl solutions blend the best of both hard and soft surface flooring, combining utility and sustainability to give you elegant, seamless results. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!


The experienced team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and commercial experts of 2tec2 offer a beautiful collection of seamless, high-tech, woven vinyl flooring that boast the passion, ingenuity and artisanship of Belgian design. Their fast, worldwide service is one of their milestones.

About 2tec2

“We have a passion for flooring that combines excellence and innovation to produce exquisite designs and materials”

David Lambrecht, Commercial Director, 2tec2

The essence of the brand

Their brand ethos is firmly ingrained in the value that every room should be both comfortable and uniquely beautiful. Their functional flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard surface flooring, with the elegant look and feel of carpet.

2tec2 has numerous advantages: their Acoustic Comfort Backing absorbs the patter of footsteps to an imperceptible hush, reducing noise by 70 percent, making it perfect for spaces, such as an executive boardroom or a private hotel lobby, where occupants desire discretion. This additional felt layer is made out of 70 percent PET bottles. In fact, 2tec2 is the first woven vinyl flooring manufacturer that offers sound absorbing backing as a standard on their entire collection.

Plans for the region

The brand, 2tec2, has big plans to be a part of the World Expo in Dubai that will take place in 2021 – 2022. With a collaboration with Love that design and a presence in the World Expo, 2tec2 aim to expand their visibility in the Middle East region greatly, and they believe Love That Design is the ideal platform to help them achieve these.

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3 December, 2020

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