2tec2 has a passion for flooring that combines excellence and innovation to produce exquisite designs and materials. The seamless woven vinyl flooring boasts the ingenuity and artisanship of Belgian design. 2tec2 provides high-quality, eco-sensible flooring for a growing diversity of interiors that include workspaces, hospitality, healthcare, public space and retail.

Sound absorbing flooring

At 2tec2, we believe every room should be comfortable and uniquely beautiful. Our functional flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard-surface flooring with the elegant look and feel of carpet. The Acoustic Comfort Backing absorbs the patter of footsteps to an imperceptible hush, reducing noise by 70%. This felt backing is standard on the entire collection.

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2tec2 Play

Your floors should mirror the unique personality of your space. Our vast library of shapes, colors, and patterns offers a near limitless number of combinations for you to choose from, guaranteeing you will find a solution that perfectly embodies the spirit of your project. Have something specific in mind? We also offer custom shapes to turn your vision into a reality. 2tec2 allows you to play with various shapes to create inspiring floors in woven vinyl. Diamonds, Hexagons, Planks, Triangles and Mini Squares are among some of our suggestions, but actually any shape and size is possible.

Hybrid Collection

Our Hybrid pieces are deeply rooted nature. These biophilic floorings are a representation of the ongoing struggle between two of the most ancient elements of our world: light and dark. Our pattern tightly weaves together these contrasting hues to create a natural harmony, resulting in a beautiful visual effect.