5 ways to use Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz, in Commercial Interiors

Last year, with vivacious Viva Magenta weaving dashing interior alliances, this year Pantone decided to pick something soft and gentle. And it’s Peach Fuzz! A colour that embraces us like a cosy warm hug from our loved ones. The sensual hue that emanates from this colour invokes a feeling of kindness, collaboration, and togetherness. Its welcoming hues snuggled between orange and pink—channel our inner aura and cherish our sense of belonging.

In interiors, Peach Fuzz steps in to caress the spatial environment with calmness and tranquillity. Like healthy glowing skin, the warm touches of peach enhance the ambience within a room – be it on an accent wall, as fine décor, or the plush fabric of a couch or pillow, the subtle embrace of this tender hue can be the calm we need in chaos.

Here are 5 ways to use Pantone Colour of the Year in commercial interiors..

1. Embracing Serenity and Wellness with Beauty

Wellness clinics and healing spaces are designed for users to rejuvenate their mind and body. Imbibe the spaces with Peach Fuzz, and you tick all the points for an unparalleled therapeutic experience. The peachy tones nourish our inner emotional core, and when gracefully integrated, they also serve to foster care and compassion within each one of us.   

Designers can weave natural peach shades into the open and personal spaces within beauty and skincare clinics, as they offer a tranquil sanctuary to unwind and embrace our well-being. Splashing peach hues over earthy textured walls, along with soft furnishings and ambient lighting, the colour instills the customers with a greater sense of balance and psychological repose.   

2. Elevating Entertainment Spaces with a Buzz

Entertainment spaces are visioned to flash in style with a dynamic buzz. Inviting shades of peach into the rather dark and moody persona of our usual cinema halls, malls and arenas, this colour sets the tone for deep contrasts and emotional echoes to rise. 

Designers can weave into the midst of a strong geometry with shades like flamingo pink, pastel pink and bright orange, coupled with Peach Fuzz to bring more fun and mellifluous energy into the large halls along with enriching depth to the space. At the same time, the peach colour pacifies the other bright tones, becoming something quiet between the loud – a soft breath between the dynamic!  

3. Harmonizing Office Layouts with a Calm Touch

Workplaces must focus on invoking inspiration. It has to be a place of opportunity and unity, where one can calibrate, analyse, prioritise and put forward their best to bring a vision to life – to achieve a certain goal. When a colour like Peach Fuzz steps in, it brings with it an ease that had never been present within today’s stressful workplaces, which are usually seated within a bland white or dull grey interior. 

Architects and designers can use such a soft colour to uplift the working mood and craft a sensorial working environment that values both the mental and physical health of its employees. It could be wall paint, themed décor or even accent pieces combined with green plants that create a meaningful connection between workers and customers. These soft shades also promote collaboration, discussions and client meetings to unfurl within a peaceful peachy backdrop.

4. It’s Time to Savour the Peachy Style in Eateries

Peach Fuzz is already creating a buzz as a future trend by dabbing along with modular wooden cabinetry and horizon sunrise colours like terracotta, orange and red shades. The euphoria of having a delicious bite or meal in any eatery comes from the design of its interior spaces and the food. Expert designers believe that peach shades might overthrow the widely popular ‘millennial pink’ as the hearty hues of peach in interior spaces emote a greater sense of softness and happiness. 

Interior designers have a plethora of choices to create a serene dining ambience using Peach Fuzz, from the colour of the upholstery, wall paints, tableware and furnishings to the branding and marketing of logos and signages in the shades of peach. In a restaurant, the colour can also influence the food, its plating elements or even concoct visually striking peach-coloured drinks.

5. Infusing Middle Eastern Charm with Peach Fuzz   

Embellishing the intricately themed interiors of the Middle East with Peach Fuzz is like composing the spaces with the shades of desert sand. Here it’s more than just a colour. With radiating elegance, Peach Fuzz resonates with traditional luxurious patterns, minimalistic modern walls, niches and decorative Arabic screens. 

The shades of orange and pink had already been playing a big part in the traditional Arabic interiors for a long time. Accenting a wall with peach colour and a white framed arch, implementing a piece of peach within a complex Arabic pattern, dipping upholstery or rugs in peachy colour and fuzzy fabrics, or even adding a décor that praises the peachy aura, are some of the ways how architects and designers can integrate Peach Fuzz in Middle Eastern designs. The light shades of Peach Fuzz can evoke to nullify the heat of the Middle East and also promote a sense of comfort and welfare with ourselves and others.   

As Pantone chose Peach Fuzz as the colour of the year 2024, it has surprised and turned many heads. It is a colour that serves as an expression of mood. It has an attitude that says we must take care of ourselves and others worldwide. It is an answer to what people are seeking. A safe haven. A state of poise. A hope that the world needs.

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9 January, 2024

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