Acoustics x Aesthetics

Feature Image: Lombra Restaurant, Adelaide by The Tailored Studio; Photography credits: L/S Creative Co

From the ancient Stonehenge in England to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, sound has had a reverberating influence on architecture and design across epochs and continents. And this interplay between sound and design is not incidental. Sounds can impact the experience and essence of a space. It can make or break the ambience and allure a design has to offer as much as visual aesthetics. If you understand this as a designer, this product spotlight is for you. Step into this curated showcase to uncover products that epitomise an impressive combination of acoustics and aesthetics.

Truly sound.

Crafted to fit directly onto a metal frame grid without the need for a plasterboard, BASWA DTG is a 21st-century acoustic solution that does what it claims. With Class A sound absorption, 40mm thickness and a two-layer system that helps achieve acoustic excellence, the product is also designed in an expansive spectrum of colours. Adding to its allure is a wide-ranging palette of colours, ensuring it elevates auditory experiences and harmonises with diverse ceiling aesthetics. This non-flammable product also delivers substantial cost and programmatic advantages, making it a compelling choice.

Glass to keep gazing at.

For designers seeking to enhance workspaces or create dedicated areas for relaxation and productivity, the AKUSTIK99 clear tempered glass panels offer impeccable functionality. These mullion-free, double-glazed panels effectively reduce noise levels by up to 53 dB. These partitions can be further customised by integrating various Kaprel door options in sync with the design narrative. Consider incorporating these panels strategically in open-plan offices or residential spaces to create secluded areas without compromising on natural light and spatial openness.

Lights, sound, action!

The SAS500 Baffle Ceiling Lights combine exceptional luminosity and acoustic performance, offering unmatched creative and sonic flexibility. With an innovative acoustic baffle system, these linear suspended luminaires seamlessly fit into metal and timber ceilings, catering to the lighting needs of large, open spaces. Their high-quality design ensures excellent sound absorption, making them ideal for design projects requiring superior lighting and acoustic solutions across a range of applications in commercial, residential, and institutional settings.

Straight-down fantastic.

Designed for versatile environments, Skyfold Prisma swiftly transforms a space with a simple touch, maintaining its promise of natural illumination and tranquillity. With its lightweight construction, sleek lines, and a range of finishes, including frosted glass, this solution delivers a seamless, straight-down descent, making it ideal for optimum space utilisation. An aesthetically sound acoustic solution, Skyfold Prisma offers designers the opportunity to create welcoming and creativity-inspiring spaces.

Must-have see-ilings.

Ideal for spaces where ceilings need to be visible, HERADESIGN® Baffle aluDesign are ideal for diverse spaces. These wood wool baffles are designed to deliver exceptional sound absorption across a broad frequency spectrum. Available in a range of sizes, they can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose from a variety of materials and colours to seamlessly integrate with your design vision, allowing the baffles to serve as a subtle yet effective backdrop that enhances the focus on other elements within the space.

A quiet nook, literally.

The Rockfon Hub is a revolutionary acoustic wonder that transforms spaces by creating tranquil breakout zones while significantly reducing noise. Its soft island shapes with a black anodised frame offer multipurpose flexibility and infuse serenity into a desired space. Enhance the product with a felt frame cover, mood lighting, and curtains, facilitating productivity, collaboration, and calm. Hassle-free to install, this fully recyclable solution has a React To Fire rating of A1. Elevate the aesthetics with its nine elegant colour options.

Woo with wood.

Skynest® Acoustic Wood Wool Canopies make for stunning wooden ceilings crafted from high-quality wood wool and cement. These ceilings offer superior acoustic properties and thermal insulation, making them ideal for any environment. Designed to withstand a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions, these canopies also enhance the visual appeal of any space with their natural materials and unlimited colour possibilities. The original surface roughness of the panels contributes to a comfortable microclimate reminiscent of wood-framed houses, ensuring both beauty and comfort in diverse environments.

Panelled perfection.

Soft Cells Broadline panels ingeniously combine a textile layer with integrated acoustic padding, renowned for delivering Class A broadband sound absorption according to ISO 11654 standards. Ideal for areas where options for surface or ceiling acoustic padding are limited, designers can install these panels in highly reverberant areas for a boost in acoustics. These fully customisable panels can be used for multiple applications and shapes, offering aesthetic flexibility.

Floats your design boat.

Venktron suspended ceiling rafts with clip-in tiles made from cold-rolled galvanised steel transform the act of looking up into an engaging experience. These ready-made rafts can be seamlessly integrated with luminaires and offer Class A sound absorption. Each tile is R1 perforated and available in black or white polyester powder coating with a low gloss level to blend in well with any design concept and infuse visual sophistication. Additionally, made-to-order finishes are available, allowing for tailored elegance that meets the unique demands of any space.

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