Art meets Interiors

Art is a conscious expression of style, character or imagination — much like design. When art and interiors intertwine, spaces become narratives without words, coming to life. Interiors infused with artistic elements are personalised and elevate the ambience to extraordinary levels, imbuing spaces with unparalleled style.

These handpicked lighting, decor and flooring solutions can elevate spaces, adding a touch of creativity and leaving onlookers captivated. Whether you’re drawn to modern art’s bold strokes or classical motifs’ timeless elegance, here’s something for every taste and aesthetic inclination.

Antlers, enhancers.

An a-la-grande chandelier fit for Goddess Diana, Antlers is something you don’t see every day. Capturing the essence of tranquil solitude and strength found in nature’s design, this piece of art is a nod to majestic deer antlers, much-revered in various cultures and available in four colours and styles. Illuminate with these captivating fixtures’ timeless allure and regal presence, where artistry meets perfectly harmonious functionality.

A neon-’LED’ aesthetic.

Flexi Neon offers limitless possibilities for designers to integrate functional lighting with artistic expression. Encased in durable silicone, these bendable LED strips can be effortlessly incorporated into interior and exterior spaces, adding dynamic visual impact. From outlining shapes to defining boundaries, Flexi Neon elevates any environment into a canvas of creativity.

A vibrant bloom on the floor.

Step into a realm of timeless beauty where flower aesthetics merge with Old Mastery design, turning floors into breathtaking canvases teeming with creativity. This magnetising rug by Object Carpet can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Don’t be deceived by their intricate patterns; these rugs are engineered to be ideal for high-traffic areas and are flame-retardant for added safety. Choose from 15 rug shapes and two colours to elevate the artful finesse of a space.

Handmade in rural India.

Inde Rose, a hand-knotted rug, redefines luxury by seamlessly blending art, design, and nature. Crafted from the finest silk, each rug embodies sophistication and craftsmanship. It comes with a visually lighter, coordinated rug, making the pair a must-have for all spaces. Complement the rug with lighter, simpler elements to create visual balance and depth in your design scheme, adding a touch of luxury and artistry to interiors as a result.

Personalised, customised, specialised.

WXY isn’t just a material; it’s every designer’s ultimate tool for transforming artwork into functional masterpieces for spaces with different purposes. These high-pressure laminates have versatile applications — from walls to doors and furniture to beyond. Wilsonart also offers custom woodgrain staining and spectrum colour alternation for infinite design possibilities. Now, the fusion of art and design is a piece of cake!

A ceramic bouquet.

Infuse your space with elegance and a pop of colour with this exquisite glazed floral ceramic sculpture by Giorgetti. Meticulously handcrafted to perfection, each piece exudes sophistication and freshness at the same time. This sculpture has four vibrant flower options – Fern, Berry, Mauve, and Rose – and features a sleek cylindrical base in burnished metal. If the goal is to bring art in the details, this is where your search ends.

Cutesy and artsy.

Meet Ichi the penguin, Ni the parrot, and San, the robin – three charming creatures crafted from dark wood, each with its own unique Nordic eclectic design. This adorable three-piece set is art that makes anyone happy. Arrange Ichi, Ni, and San on a bookshelf or mantel amidst greenery and other eclectic decor pieces for an artsy, nature-inspired display that sparks creativity and imagination

A woven textile wonder

Experience creativity at its finest with Canvas Collage, a broadloom textile that embodies a strong graphic identity. Crafted by designer Nicolette Brunklaus, this collection offers a unique narrative – layered over dried dahlia flowers in an intricate patchwork of colours and new shapes and forms. Whether used individually or together, these harmonious design themes allow you to carve your own artistic journey. Available in wall-to-wall, tile, and plank styles, Canvas Collage offers versatility and innovation to elevate any space with a touch of artistic flair.

Carpet art you can’t stop looking at.

Crafted with precision using cutting-edge dye injection technology at 76 dpi high-definition, each carpet design in this collection captures photo-realistic detail, vibrant colours, and smooth gradients. Available in four captivating designs, Canvas redefines the standards of carpeting, offering high-speed production alongside unparalleled quality. Create statement flooring or use Canvas creatively for custom art installations on walls. It is also a great tool to delineate zones and add visual interest simultaneously.

Seoul’s vibrant art scene, anywhere.

Transport back in time with Milliken’s latest offering, inspired by the vibrant club flyers, posters, and tickets of Northern Seoul. These biophilic carpet tiles boast extraordinary retro colouring, typography, and graphics, infusing any space with an unmistakable sense of nostalgia and artistic flair.  With luxurious underfoot comfort thanks to its cushion backing, sound absorption and high durability, it is perfect for designers seeking to bring out art beyond paintings and sculptures. Take your pick from options of ‘Bright’ and ‘Pastel.’

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