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Secure House, Unit D Moorside Road, Hampshire, SO23 7RX
United Kingdom

LEDFlex is a team of dedicated lighting and technology enthusiasts who have been shaping the industry since their establishment in 2010. With a passion for innovation, LEDFlex collaborates closely with lighting designers to bring their visionary concepts to life. Their project-centric approach allows them to create tailor-made, premium linear LED lighting solutions that perfectly align with the unique requirements of each project. LEDFlex takes pride in offering a comprehensive product range, which includes rigid and flexible linear, panels, mounting solutions. However, their commitment extends beyond product excellence. LEDFlex boasts a highly skilled in-house technical team that offers valuable guidance on design, installation, and system construction. Leveraging their expertise, LEDFlex ensures seamless integration and optimal performance for every lighting project.

LEDFlex's global reach further sets them apart. Through an extensive sales network comprising international offices and trusted distributors, LEDFlex is equipped to support lighting projects across the globe. From architectural and urban environments to residential and commercial spaces, LEDFlex emerges as the ideal partner for any lighting application. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with a focus on creativity and collaboration, positions LEDFlex as a frontrunner in the industry.

UAE Office:
Dubai Investment Park - 2,
Street 29, Unit 15, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates


- UK -
Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +44 0203 1377 305

- GCC -
Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +971 4 262 4425

Team members:

Managing Director GCC

Andrew Bunker

Andrew's extensive career in the lighting industry spans over two decades.

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Business Development Director

Anthony Kerr

Anthony is a dynamic lighting professional with over a decade of experience illuminating spaces both in the UK and UAE.

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Country Manager - KSA

Dory El Fakhry

Dory currently serves as the Country Manager for LEDFlex Saudi Arabia.

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